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Changing Targets : Reasonable Goals — 83 Unsung Heroes

In some instances, we might not know how things will turn out, but the ground work is there. We can see the first step to our target and it’s obvious and apparent and unquestionable. However, it doesn’t look like we expected it to look and takes us somewhere different, so we change it or take it out of the equation rather than run with it to see what happens.

A project that I’ve recently been managing at work is around process efficiency. One tranche of “efficiency” is speed, in that if we can do a process faster with at least the same degree of accuracy, it will be better. So we set about the task of mapping how long the […]

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“What Do You Say To People Who Think They Have Nothing to Hide?” — Longreads

There are devices that are called “Stingrays” or “cell site stimulators,” which mimic cell phone towers. They are often installed in the back of a police car. Smaller versions can be held by hand and more powerful versions can be installed on aircrafts.

Police drive or walk around with them, sending out a signal that says, “Hey I’m a Sprint tower, or I’m a T-Mobile tower,” which forces every phone in the area to report back. The goal is to suck in a list of all the phones in the surrounding area—often in an attempt to find one particular suspect’s phone, and then hone in on exactly where it is located.

This technology raises serious privacy concerns, partly because of the dragnet effect — it affects lots of bystanders — and partly because it locates people not just on public streets, but inside homes or offices, which are constitutionally protected spaces.

Nathan Wessler, a lawyer with the ACLU’s Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project, monitors a government that increasingly monitors its citizens.

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We Rise by Uplifting Others — Redefined Love

What is the risk you are willing to take to have a more filling life? Are you willing to let a certain crowd go? are you willing to learn to allow yourself to be more positive? What are you willing to do? I challenge you to find a way to uplift the people around you and that includes you. Trust me it feels so good to uplift others as much as it feels good to be uplifted.

Uplifting people can you make you feel after. Have you uplifted someone today?

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Getting Help to Achieve Your Goals

Author: Jhmenor (On personal note:please take time to watch all embedded video)

A few people are capable of handling challenges and reaching their goals alone. However, majority of cases always require other people’s support. You cannot always expect to finish bigger tasks on time if you do not trust others, especially when you belong in a team. You can accomplish more and become responsible over bigger things if you get help.

Start with Trust

It is important to start trusting other members of the team. Although you may be better off doing everything yourself, you know you cannot actually finish all of these on time. Every individual in the group certainly has strengths and weaknesses. You can alleviate potential problems by choosing individuals that are best for the task at hand. If you’re stuck with someone who is a bit incompetent, you can ask another to supervise and review the work for better results.

Give other individuals time to finish their work and to give out creative ideas that can be beneficial to everyone’s best interests. Creativity greatly enhances if there are several people included in the mix. Learn how to see your teammates in a whole different light.


Delegation is Vital

When you delegate tasks to achieve your goals, you need to assign the right missions to the right persons. This means that you should understand the individual first before giving out a certain task. You can review your list of their strengths and weaknesses then delegate accordingly. Delegation is an important technique used by many leaders. Only a number, however, has a gift in delegation. Appointing the wrong person for the job can cost you money, time and the entire project.



If the Problem Starts from Within

If you are the one having problems or doubt your only own capabilities of finishing the job, you need to rely on a professional to gain more confidence. You may want to visit a psychologist or psychiatrist to help you boost your ego and motivate you as a good leader. Joining groups and seminars about self-confidence is also ideal. Always make it a point to talk to leaders and other successful people then begin following their examples. There are also guidance counselors and experts available online who can give you exercises, tips and guidelines to follow.

Some programs are meant to help people develop trust in others, as well as make teams work more effectively. There are several changes that can occur while trying to achieve your goals, so you also have to learn how to curb the team efforts to continue being successful. Good habits take time, dedication and practice to become regular. Work on a good habit each week or month then continue adopting new skills.


To Be Led

Not everyone is capable of becoming a truly effective leader. Anyone, however, can be quite adept in leading a few good men. There are times when projects are just not in sync with your own personal strengths and traits. These are the moments when you have to pass the work on to a leader and allow yourself to function as a follower. By working within the team, you can achieve great things. This is still true to the principle of assigning the proper person for the proper function. You do not always need to shine in the spotlight, but you still get the job done.

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Ramon Magsaysay House at Castillejos, Zambales




The house is located in the town of Castillejos, along the National Highway.  The town of Castillejos is located in southern Zambales.

Brief Biography:

Ramon del Fierr Magsaysay, Sr. (August 31, 1907 – March 17, 1957) was the seventh President of the Republic of the Philippines, serving from December 30, 1953 until his death in an aircraft disaster. An automobile mechanic, Magsaysay was appointed military governor of Zambales after his outstanding service as a guerilla leader during the Pacific War. He then served two terms as Liberal Party congressman for Zambales before being appointed as Secretary of National Defense by President Elpidio Quirino. He was elected President under the banner of the Nacionalista Party. He was the first Philippine President born during the 20th century

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Hi, if we were having a coffee this week I think I’d still get a hot one

Hi, if we were having a coffee this week I think I’d still get a hot one rather than an iced one despite the nice weather. I can’t help but feel that iced coffees are just as excuse not give you as much milk. Monday morning this week started tremendously well. I woke up at […]

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