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Black Goku Vs Saitama



This is literally the most epic thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Wow..””Ive been fighting the wrong guy the whole time!!” this made me laugh for a solid minute.”….. this is ridiculously badass xD!!!
Credit to youtube uploader:

Http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCObfIFcPxDOsyNXTG3ISyBg. “Goku Vs Saitama – Part 5 – Black Goku [DBZ vs OPM].” YouTube. YouTube, 2016. Web. 08 Aug. 2016.

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F-I-L-I-P-I-N-O By: Mikey Bustos Video and Lyrics

By: Mikey Bustos
Visit Mikey Bustos Facebook Page at this link>> https://www.facebook.com/mikeybustos/?pnref=story

I think it’s so cute and kind of flattering
How you’re trying to guess what race I am and kind of struggling
No, I am not hybrid!
I am 100% F to the I-L-I-P-I-N-O

I’m Filipino
I’m not Latino
I’m not Chinese, no
I’m not from Mexico
I’m not from Tokyo
I’m Filipino
F to the I-L-I-P-I-N-O

Goatie I can’t grow
I never look old
I speak tagalong
Just look at my nose
If it’s broad you know, I’m Filipino
F to the I-L-I-P-I-N-O

First, I gotta say just look at my name
Mikey Bustos may sound Spanish
But there’s many clues that indicate to me
I’m a Filipino, look at my dish
There is so much rice look into my eyes
You will notice the slanted eye slope
Here’s a Pinoy tip I point with my lips
This I why I’m a Filipino

If you can tell the difference
Just get all your Asian friends
Take them to Karaoke
And the ones that don’t stop singing
Are Filipino, our skin is coco
We dance with bamboo
Eat halo-halo
I am macho, no? I’m Filipino
F to the I-L-I-P-I-N-O

I’m Filipino I eat adobo
I use a tabo
I’m Filipino, (3X)
F to the I-L-I-P-I-N-O

You must understand I eat with my hands
You must grab the rice and pack the meat
Entering my house be shy like a mouse
Remove your sapatos the floor’s clean
Go “bless” to my mom, try to stay calm
She will try to scare you but just know
If you sa “po” she will know you’re cool
‘cause you’re like a Filipino

If you can tell the difference
Gather all your Asian friends
Ask them what’s this for and if they know it’s decoration

They’re Filipino
I bless to Lolo
And I say “opo” for respect, you know
I’m Filipino, I’m Filipino
F to the I-L-I-P-I-N-O

My handwriting’s woah!
A brainer in school
The last piece is “NO”
And if I need to
I pull off “ghetto”
I’m Filipino
F to the I-L-I-P-I-N-O

I use tabo, I use tabo (3x)
F to the I-L-I-P-I-N-O
I kuyakoy(2X)
I close-open, I close-open
Beautiful eyes, (3X)

If you can tell the difference
Here is the best test for it
Just do this and if they look at you, then it’s no question

They’re Filipino (3x)
We’re Filipino(2X)
I’m Filipino
F to the I-L-I-P-I-N-O
We’re born musical
I made the finals
Canadian Idol
I play basketball
Hockey? Terrible!
I’m Filipino
F to the I-L-I-P-I-N-O
I offer some food to Sto. Niño
Duwende, also
I’m Filipino(3X)
F to the I-L-I-P-I-N-O

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TOP 30 MMA Knockouts 2015

TOP 30 MMA Knockouts of 2015 were embedded here! This is a knockout list that I like the most. All rights reserved to MMA organizations – see titles. A perfect video for Knockouts fans!
H. (2016). TOP 30 MMA Knockouts 2015. Retrieved August 02, 2016, from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFM8kv1gWxE

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WONDER WOMAN Teaser Trailer

Many famous comic book characters were made during the world wars and it was shown fighting beside troops in the original comics.  Wonder-Woman is the best fighter in DC Comics, Batman has already confirmed this “If Wonder-Woman were to ever go berserk the only super hero capable of stopping her is Superman”. Deathstroke, Black Canary etc are all good but Wonder-Woman is the best fighter and she doesn’t even have to rely on her strength she’s a trained warrior. Batman also proved to Superman that she’s faster than him in combat. Superman is faster in raw speed but Diana told him she’s faster in combat due to her muscle memory from her warrior upbringing another claim Batman backed. So whether superman is your favorite, or because Wonder-Woman is a female or whatever other reason you refuse to accept it the fact is she’s the best fighter in DC Comics.

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Naruto and Sasuke vs Kaguya – Full Fight

Though its better to read the manga first. This fight is an epic battle for me.
Kaguya is stronger than all the shinobi. She was ranked 1000 while her children were ranked 500, Naruto and Sasuke have half of Hagoromo’s powers.

1. NHQTV. Naruto and Sasuke vs Kaguya – full fight – English Dub [mp4]. YouTube; January 30, 2016.
In-line Citation:

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