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Captiva Island Cruises – Sun, Fun and Flawless Beaches


We were stumped. The ceiling and walls of Cabbage Key’s breezy back patio were dripping with dollar bills. Where on earth would we leave our “donation” ? Affixed with gobs of masking tape and mounted with the precision of a leaf blower, it was impossible to see an inch of available space. Thousands of travelers had come here over […]

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Newton’s laws of motions are three laws that together form the basis of classical mechanics, my attention is focus on the the 3rd law (If you want to read the full context of this article you can read it via  this link ). The third law states that for every force that exists there is an equal and opposite force pushing back. If an object say you, exert a force a second object (you push a door) then the second object exerts a force back on you with equal magnitude (a.k.a strength) yet in the opposite direction. If we call the two objects A and B then the notation for this force is simply: FA = −FB

Has anybody seen the new sci-fi film Passengers? I do love a good sci-film (especially one set in space) the plot line was a little lack-lustre and quite frankly disturbing in its premise at parts but this isn’t a film review blog so i’ll stop. Anyway there’s a scene near the end of the film where one the main characters is floating in space but being pulled towards the fuel-buring backside of the spaceship. He has a heavy object in his hands and cleverly remembers Newton’s third law to get him out of the sticky situation. By throwing this object towards the fire he himself is propelled backwards in the opposite direction due to the reaction force and manages to return to the safety of the ship. It pays off knowing your basic physics, you never know what situation you might find yourself in…

Today we have a simple post which will break down Newton’s laws of motion so even the layman can understand them inside out (hopefully). Mathematical formula will be introduced, though no previous knowledge of mathematics is required to follow this through.

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When Boredom Yields Treasure: The Hermit Who Inadvertently Shaped Climate-Change Science — Longreads

Billy Barr moved into a remote part of the Rocky Mountains in search of solitude over 40 years ago. To avoid boredom, he documented snow levels, animal sightings, and the date flowers first bloomed. “…collectively his work has become some of the most significant indication that climate change is rearranging mountain ecosystems more dramatically and quickly than anyone imagined.”

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