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A quote for Hard Times!!!

”There’s so much I had to say I know the words I left behind
And now I’m caught in a daydream with nowhere to run and hide
The world rushes by me, it’s leaving me here all alone” ~Alanis Morisette Rain


Life is the sum of experiences that we encounter as we go through life. Day to day struggles and triumphs are experienced by all of the world’s creatures. As human beings, when we encounter a challenge, we have freedom to choose how to react. Every decision that we make leads us down a different road. We will never come to exactly the same crossroads. Every decision the we make has significance. The tiniest choice that we make reverberates throughout the entire universe.

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Hello world!

 “The world has enough to meet everyone’s need but not enough to satisfy even one man’s greed!”-Mahatma Gandhi

Using Attraction Without Being Greedy

Author: Martin Woodchild

One of the hold backs a lot of people experience with using the law of attraction is the actual core concept of abundance. If you’re like most people, you’ve been brought up with the idea that there is a finite supply of near enough everything. Which on a “local” level may be true but in the context of the universe is so wrong it’s embarrassing. But until your mind gets to grips with that idea (if it ever does) then you may need to tame down your requests so that you can use the law of attraction without your conscious mind accusing you of being greedy.

Rephrase your requests

At one level or another, you’re putting out requests to the universe.

When they start out with this, most people will word those requests so that they’re self-limiting. Just in case the request isn’t granted by the universe because it looks like you’re being greedy.

So you’ll maybe ask for a specific sum of money or a particular age and model of car. But these will almost always be limited because there’s that awkward nagging voice at the back of your mind that says “don’t be too greedy.” And you’ve listened to it.

But a simple rephrasing of your request can get over this.

Add the words “at least ” to your request. So you’d ask for “at least a thousand dollars” rather than the specific figure.

Or if it’s a physical item add in “or something even better” or some similar words. So your 2007 red car with whatever engine size and other trimmings would end with the caveat that it was absolutely fine for the universe to over-deliver on your request.

Give this a go and see how often you’ve underestimated the capacity of universe to deliver nearly anything.

Work on the concept of greed

Is the idea that you’re being greedy in what you’re trying to attract your idea or the people around you?

Quite often we get fixed in a particular comfort zone. So do our friends and colleagues.

If you’re suddenly trying to move outside that comfort zone then other people (maybe including yourself) start get to get worried and uncomfortable. That’s one of the reasons it’s called a comfort zone and why so many people limit themselves more than they need to.

If it’s “only” other people who are naysaying your goals and calling them too greedy, it’s a relatively simple job to simply not share your aspirations with these kindly, but ultimately defeatist, people.

If it’s you that is getting in the way and constantly snarling at you not to be greedy in what you’re trying to attract, that’s not as easy.

But fortunately it’s do-able.

The earlier idea of using “at least” can sneak past your critical mind more often than you’d initially credit.

But if that doesn’t work, it’s time to tell your aggressive inner voice precisely where it can stick itself. Yes – you can do that. And, yes, it works near enough all the time. Just (in your head, not out loud) tell that voice that it’s no longer welcome in your head.

Then you can use the law of attraction, go for seemingly impossible targets and splatter them into insignificance.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/law-of-attraction-articles/using-attraction-without-being-greedy-5042587.html

About the Author

Get more help with using the law of attraction without being greedy and find out how to manifest prosperity.

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Dealing With Frustration – Practical Information

Dealing With Frustration – Practical Information

Author: Kevin Sinclair

You’ve felt it before, right? Frustration. It’s different for everyone, but we have all experienced it – its irritation, that feeling, making you want to pull your hair out, scream out loud, or throw things. It comes up sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly building. Frustration has many forms and varying degrees to it but no matter what degree or form it takes, it is not a positive emotion.

As a negative emotion frustration does nothing but cause stress, make it harder to focus and harder to complete tasks. To help remove frustration, it’s important for you to know what causes frustration and have a plan for getting rid of it.

Causes of Frustration

Just about anything can be a cause of frustration – a project at work, getting stuck in traffic when you’re late, or having guests over and dinner not all coming out on time. No matter the situation, if you feel like you’re running around in a circle, that’s frustration. No matter what form your frustration takes, it will reach a point where you can no longer handle the situation or the emotion.

When that happens, there’s usually a point when you quit, give up, walk away and are left with the feelings that doing such a thing causes – regret, self-loathing, or self-recrimination. That means the next time a similar situation comes around, it doesn’t take nearly as much going wrong to cause your frustration as it did the first time around. That is definitely something you want to avoid. So what can you do to help over come your frustrations before they reach the point of no return and cause you to quit?

What you can do to overcome frustration – Specific steps

The first thing to do when you start feeling frustrated is to take a deep breath, and relax. Do whatever you need to relieve the stress. Meditate if that helps, or watch a favorite TV show, or perhaps listen to some relaxing music. Whatever you do, make sure you step back from the situation causing your frustration. Once you have calmed down, take a look at the situation objectively, pull out the parts that you know are working. This way, you can see past the parts that are causing your frustration and take a really close look at the whole picture. This will also help you to see possible connections that can lead to resolving your frustration.

Keep a log, or a journal, or online blog and list the positive things in your life. List your accomplishments. Did you finish a hard project for school, or work? Did you finally get that wall painted or that part of the closet cleaned out? Write it down and check it after a month. It’s a lot easier to get rid of frustration when you can see all the positives instead of the negatives. It might also show you where you need to focus more in your life. Wasted energy is a surefire way to make yourself frustrated.

Once you see where you are wasting energy, focus on what you want to accomplish, the ultimate goal of whatever project or situation is causing the frustration for you. Step back to get a clear picture and then ask what you need to change to make sure that the same situation doesn’t arise again. Ask yourself what you can do to prevent that frustration.

It’s very easy with any project to get wrapped up in it. So much so that you can no longer see the project itself and sometimes even lose sight of the part of it you’re actually working on, and nothing is more frustrating than that. Get rid of the clutter, step back to the most simplified form. Be aware there are multiple solutions to any problem. Being more open to other ways of solving a problem is a good way to keep frustration from entering into the situation.

When you get ready to quit because you just can’t take it anymore, when the frustration is at its peak, take action and refuse to give up by pushing through and you’ll gain back control. Be positive. Nothing is harder to do when you’re frustrated, but without keeping in mind the positive outcome you’re looking for, frustration will just control the situation.

No matter what situation you’re in, follow these basic steps to get rid of your frustration and make sure frustration doesn’t come back.

Article Source: http://kevinsinclair.articlesbase.com/advice-articles/dealing-with-frustration-practical-information-113055.html

About the Author

Kevin Sinclair is the publisher and editor of my-personal-growth.com, a site that provides information and articles for self improvement and personal growth and development.

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A Life of Purpose

Author: Bill Burridge

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”Ok, I have to agree that this is a pretty common saying amongst the life coaching fraternity – but in this complex ‘game’ we call life, I can’t help believing that this little phrase provides a tantalizing clue to what it takes to be a winner!The trouble is, for so many of us, understanding our true life purpose is just not that easy or simple.Can you say, categorically, hand on heart, that you know with clarity what your life purpose is? And if you’re one of the fortunate mortals who answered yes to this question, here’s another: “Are you living your life on purpose?”Thanks, in large part, to my introduction to life coaching, I now know what my life purpose is, I can honestly say that I feel I am really starting to live it and my life is certainly changing for the better. But you know what? It took me around half a century to get to this point!It seems so strange to think that during the entire course of my upbringing, my education and my working career, no-one ever thought of challenging me to describe – or even just think about – my life’s purpose; not my parents, not my teachers, not my work colleagues, not my wife – and here’s the twist – not even me!Why, if this is such a vital ingredient in enjoying a satisfying and rewarding life, isn’t the understanding and pursuit of one’s life purpose considered a fundamental part of growing up?I struggled to come up with an appropriate answer to this until I thought carefully about my own life journey and why I had taken the course that I did. It made me realise just how ‘programmed’ we humans allow our lives to be. It’s as if we’re all following some formula that has been collectively devised and ‘perfected’ over the many years of our predecessors’ experiences – and from which we dare not deviate!The problem I have with this is the fact that it is based on the presumption that others know best what is right for us; that society should dictate who we are, what we do and how we act.I invite you to think about it. Bear with me here…In all likelihood your parents chose to send you to the school that they felt offered you the best education for what they could afford. At school you were taught that to ‘get somewhere’ in life you needed to study hard and get good grades. Your peers taught you that to behave in a way that was out of character with the rest of them would be embarrassing and possibly hurtful. Your family and friends probably encouraged you to take up a career that would pay well and then your employer dictated to you how to do your job in the way that would be most acceptable to them, dangling the carrot of a good career, possible promotion and more money if you toed the line. Your church, if you belonged to one, made it clear what was expected from you to be regarded as a ‘good’ Christian, Buddhist, Moslem or whatever. Once married, your spouse dictated to you what they expected from a ‘good’ partner and society largely influenced your beliefs about what it meant to be a ‘good’ mother or father to your children (no doubt this included teaching them the very same perspectives on what constituted right or wrong).So here’s my point:The way we humans have structured the accepted way in which we live our lives on Earth gives short shrift to the concept of individual uniqueness and freedom. We are constantly expected to conform with the norms, standards and expectations of some or other collective group to which we belong.Is it, therefore, hugely surprising that few of us ever get to think deeply about our life purpose until late in life, if at all?Yet getting acquainted with our life purpose – and then living it – can be the most liberating, emotive and joyful experience that we can have. For, suddenly, our lives gain true meaning and our days become challenging, inspiring and fun filled. Our success is assured because our continual focus on doing what we believe we were put on Earth to do attracts to us the very things we need to achieve our purpose. In short, our success breeds more success.How, then, does one get in tune with one’s life purpose?I believe the secret is to listen to your ‘inner voice’.”Hmm…” I can hear you grumble, “How the heck do I do that?”Well, let me suggest you start by freeing up some of your time and space.Remove yourself from your day-to-day environment and the continual information bombardment we face. Find a place of relative solitude and beauty. Then give yourself time to settle in to the surroundings and take note of your own ‘background conversation’ – that constant unspoken chatter going on inside your head.At first the ‘chatter’ will likely be an endless stream of self-criticism and self judgment:”I hope no-one is trying to get hold of me.” “I’d be embarrassed if someone saw me sitting here.” “The boss will be angry if I stay away too long.” “This is such a waste of my time when I should be going to gym.”Hang in there and eventually you’ll begin to notice your ‘background chatter’ taking on a different tone:”Funny, I never noticed that object there before.” “Wow, it’s really beautiful here.” “Gosh, this place is so peaceful.” “I feel relaxed and at ease.”Once this starts happening, you know you are becoming receptive to your inner voice.Now ask yourself the following questions:”What was there in my early life that caused me to work hard and have great fun at the same time?””What is it that I do now that I work hard at but which feels more like fun than work?””What things do I do that I can’t seem to get enough of and that I put my heart and soul into?””What is it that I really enjoy doing that seems to come naturally to me?”It may take you a while before you find the answers coming easily and the jigsaw pieces start falling into place. You may need to retreat to your place of solitude a few times and you may need to question the honesty with which you first answered your own questions. But have patience and your purpose will eventually become clear to you. Then you will sense a wonderful feeling of inner peace followed, perhaps, by bewilderment and mild embarrassment at the fact that you had not reached this point sooner!Life coaching teaches people how to get in tune with their life purpose and then to live a life of purpose. In my book, for this reason alone, it has to be one of the most rewarding careers in existence for those who have a true passion for people.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/self-improvement-articles/a-life-of-purpose-908358.html

About the AuthorBill Burridge is owner and founder of New Insights Africa, a
life coach
training company dedicated to the development of a vibrant network of high quality, independent life coaches, inspired to bring personal freedom, confidence and growth to people from all walks of life in South Africa. The company’s core product is a unique, high quality, home study certification program in life coaching. http://www.life-coach-training-sa.com

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If Life is a Journey!

Author: Susan

If life is a journey!
If life is a journey, how do you plan to start and end your journey, daily?
Most of us before we start any journey we prepare ourselves and make sure we have all the necessary things we need, to have a safe and enjoyable journey. Surprisingly most of us do not take our life journey; seriously, we go through the routines of life with out paying too much attention to what happens around or even inside us.
This approach to life often makes us not to notice many blessings and changes that are happening in our lives and therefore not be as thankful as we should be.
Just as we are never sure what to expect when we travel for example, accidents, loss languages etc so is our life journey we never know what to expect but never the less we ought to plan it.
The benefits of planning our life journey daily are;

We are able to know if we have achieved what we wanted to achieve and learn lessons from obstacles we encounter daily;
To know our limitations as human beings and therefore learn to appreciate the Super Natural Power that enables us to do what we are not able to do.

Pay attention on how we deal with our fellow beings that travel same journey we do and therefore live life that is meaningful not only to us but also to those around us.

I wish you a safe and enjoyable journey.
By Susan

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/meditation-articles/if-life-is-a-journey-585762.html

About the Author

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? Where are you? : A Meditation On Your Life Journey & purpose

Author: Josh Williams

Greetings! I am often asked by clients, friends and even colleagues “What is my life purpose?”, “Where am I going?”, “Where am I now?” and “What’s next?”. These are all questions that bring a huge smile to my heart because I know I am working with someone who cares about their journey and really wants to make sure they’re doing the best they can.

Where Are You Going?

When questions like this arise for us, it’s a great time to seek the guidance of a psychic adviser. I am always excited to get people connected to psychic guides that are just right for them, and this is a good time to make that happen- it’s also a great time for us to connect to our own ‘inner psychic’ and receive some profound guidance from our own innate abilities. The more you work with meditations like these, the more you will become familiar with your own psychic language- and it will begin sounding more clear and loud in your daily life. Consider this psychic training in the real world! In addition to connecting clients with advisers- I also like to empower people to tap into their own intuitive abilities and receive spiritual revelation for themsevles. What follows is a powerful meditation that will help answer the questions posted above- and help you see, in your own symbolic language, where you’re at and where you’re headed! In teaching this meditation to my clients- its amazing how many times profound realizations have taken place. People have experienced direct warnings, dangers, blessings, encounters with Divinity and sacred mirrors in which to get a clear look at themselves. This practice seems so simple- and it is- but don’t discredit it. The symbolism presented here is universal in scope and will draw your subconscious, conscious, ego and spirit onto a meditative journey of great wisdom! This meditation can be used anytime you feel lost, confused, not sure what’s next in life, need guidance or just feel ‘stuck and stagnant’. Practicing this meditation before working with your psychic adviser will open you up to a greater reading and will give you some wonderful symbolism and realization to explore with your guide!

Your Life Compass Is Within You!

As with all meditation practices I teach, please ensurer you have a quiet, dimly lit, undisturbed, clean and relaxed space for one hour. Candles, incense, music, sacred iconography, etc. may also be brought in- whatever gets you in the mood!

Getting ready for the meditation…

  • Have a nice long stretch and some deep breaths to get your body and energy centers opened up and flowing well
  • Sit or lie down comfortably (not so comfy you’ll fall asleep!). I suggest facing North in this meditation as north is the resonance quarter in my tradition for spirituality, guidance and Divine connection.
  • Spend a few moments ‘rocking’ or ‘shaking’ into your position. If there are any parts of your body that feel uncomfortable, fix that now. If you choose to get serious about meditation- I suggest training yourself to sit, and investing in a meditation cushion (often called a Zafu). They are available all over the net and help with posture, breath, alertness, energy flow and comfortableness.
  • Begin by gently calming the mind. Try to get at least 60 seconds of uninterrupted ‘silence’ in there before moving forward.

The meditation…

  • Without judgment or over-analyzing, call forth into your minds eye (creative visualization faculties) your life path to manifest to you. Allow whatever manifests to manifest. A forest path? A sidewalk? Stairs? A jungle with no visible path to walk on? We are working with internal symbolism here- so be open to letting your inner-self manifest whatever ‘scene’ it does…even if it seems strange, it is YOUR soul language!
  • Look around. Survey the scene, check out the landscape. Touch base with how you feel. Check the weather, colors, emotions, etc. Be as present there as you possibly can be.
  • Look behind you, where did you just come from? Look ahead- where are you headed?
  • Now comes the fun part… this image- this space you are in is as alive as you are.. indeed it is a symbolic reflection OF YOU! Because it is alive, you can talk to it! This process is called internal dialogue, because you are having conversations between different levels of your being.
  • Ask what you need to ask. Let’s use, for example, “What is coming up next for me in my life journey… what do I have to look forward to?”
  • Ask, stop, breathe, wait. Allow yourself to simply observe what happens. The scene will likely change, you’ll zoom in, zoom out, a new symbol will enter the picture, a new sensation will come over you, etc. Let this be, honor it and believe it.
  • Ask any questions you have. Continue allowing them to manifest without judgment, fear or over-analyzing them. You are seeing and experiencing this so it IS real!
  • Once you are done, gently thank the space and your path. Bless it. Gently exit your meditation by first moving your body slowly, then opening your eyes.
  • Spend a few moments just being- then get to work….
  • Now it’s time to remember and ideally journal what you just experienced. Your logical mind is back in full awareness and now you can use it to decipher what you saw. A car- what does that mean to you? A horse? Again, what does that symbolism say to YOU! Avoid reading any dream interpretation books or symbolism books here. Own your own powers and get in touch with your own language so that it can strengthen and serve you!
  • If you get stuck or would like the blessings of another opinion, take your open heart and your journal and connect with your favorite psychic adviser!

Crossroads Are A Blessing In Disguise!

I think its important to not confuse ‘obstacles’ with ‘crossroads’. If we didn’t have crossroads on our path, we’d just walk the same straight line forever and never get any excitement or growth opportunities. When crossroads come up- whether its a new career path, the end of relationship, the healing of an illness or just a sense that its time to make some serious changes- start your process with gratitude. Acknowledging the blessings in a crossroads experience helps strengthen the blessing potential and minimize the obstacle potential. Change is hard- but anything less is, well, boring!

The Path Of Joy Belongs To You!

With all the love in the universe, may you be rightly guided and empowered to walk your own unique journey- experiencing the bliss and growth of life and the joy that living is!

Peace & Blessings on the spiral journey,

Josh Williams

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/meditation-articles/-where-are-you-a-meditation-on-your-life-journey-purpose-926502.html

About the Author

Josh Williams is a professional Psychic Adviser, Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Energy Healing Channel. For over 10 years he has been serving clients from all across the globe, acting as psychic client advocate, teaching meditation, ritual, manifesting and spirituality techniques and just loving life!
Josh has recently started offering a wisdom blog which is updated 5 times a week presenting practical but powerful spiritual wisdom for the modern day.
You can view Josh’s blog by clicking HERE

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365 Days to a Balanced Life Journey

Author: Roneen Shaffer

If you are like me, you have started many a Sunday thinking of how you can improve the week ahead. First thing Monday morning you will wake up a little earlier to meditate, drink warm water with lemon, practice yoga, eat a healthy breakfast, read an inspirational passage, take all the supplements and nutritional products you have been told you need, dry brush your body prior to showering with only natural soaps and shampoos, brush your teeth for a 2 full minutes, floss your teeth (right), apply your natural makeup (or shaving cream), walk to work or take public transit to reduce your footprint, drink several cups of green tea and water, have a mid morning snack, get up from your desk several times in the morning to help your circulation and stay focused (and eliminate the green tea and water), eat a healthy lunch of greens and fish, take your second round of supplements, drink more water, take a walk before going back to work, drink more green tea and water, keep moving throughout the afternoon, have a mid afternoon snack that will give you energy, go to the gym after work, drink more water, cook a healthy dinner, eat it at leisure while enjoying the company of your family, check in with each family member on the positive aspects of their day, laugh and express love, decide what board game you will bond over tonight, drink more water, take your third round of supplements and prior to going to bed early to ensure a full 8 hours of sleep, you repeat the 2 minutes of brushing, flossing and gargling, have a relaxing bath, read a spiritually uplifting book, show gratitude and pat yourself on the back for a day well lived. Phew!
Most of us never get past the mid morning snack before giving up. “It is too overwhelming we say.” “I don’t have the time.” “I don’t have the willpower.” “I don’t have the family support.” “I don’t have the energy.” “I don’t have the money.” But let’s face it, we know we need to do most or all of these things in order to feel good and live a well balanced life.
Sooooooooooooooooo……..inspired by the likes of Julie & Julia, Eat Pray Love and other best selling memoirs, I have decided to balance my life one day at a time. I will endeavor to take the overwhelming “should do” list and incorporate it into my daily living over the course of the next year. I will seek out natural alternatives, eat healthy and organic foods, find the right exercise regime, supplements, nutritional aides, spiritual path, relationship help, books to read, bodywork. I will spend more time with friends, family and myself. I will make time for meditation and spiritual growth. I will reduce my footprint! I will be a better wife/mother/sister/friend. I will become a better citizen of the world. What better way to stay motivated than to have the world watching!!
“You may never know what results
come from your action. But if you
do nothing, there will be no result.”
– Mahatma Gandhi
Who am I you might ask and why should you be interested in what I have to say? I am a person who has tried to live a balanced life ever since I discovered I wasn’t balanced over 21 years ago (strangely coinciding with the birth of my first child). The sad thing is, I know what to do, I, just don’t do it!
I have read more than my share of books and articles on nutrition, diet, exercise, metaphysics, natural health and alternative remedies.
I have tried at one time or another, most alternative therapies such as naturopaths, naturopathic dentists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, cranial sacral therapists, reiki therapists, reflexology, massage therapists and more. I tried infrared saunas, reverse osmosis water treatment, inversion tables, rebounders and reformers.  I am a believer in the healing powers of therapeutic grade essential oils, supplements and other nutritional aides. I believe in the power of positive thought and intention.
I have been to psychics, palm readers, past life regression therapists and Angel Therapy!
If you are thinking why am I wasting my time reading this, she is obviously a flake or one of the most gullible people around, you would be wrong. I lead a very “normal” life. I worked hard all my life doing something I loved. I created a company that ultimately had several hundred salespeople and dozens of staff. I sold that company and retired after 27 years feeling “burned out” at the age of 46. I am raising three stable children, 14, 21 and 22. I am or have been a supportive friend, employer, sister, daughter, mother and wife. People come to me for advice (or I give it to them without solicitation ?) on a myriad of topics because they know I know a little about a lot. I am not a flake. I am not gullible. I am a seeker of information that will improve our lives.
Like most seekers I like to share this information simply because I like to help people. I am all about making positive improvements and personal growth.
It took a crisis to really understand that wanting to change my life is easy, actually doing it, is the hard part!
On December 14, 2008 I had a stroke at the age of 52. Fortunately it was a relatively minor stroke affecting only a small part of my brain. Believe me, even a small stroke is a life changing event, at least until the denial takes over.
Those first few months were terrifying. I made promises (pacts with God), my husband made promises, my kids even made promises. No more sitting around at night plugged into computers and TV. We will walk every night after dinner (that might have happened 3 times), we will turn off the TV and play the Wii fitness games (that lasted a month or two), we will eat NOTHING but healthy foods (I think you can guess how quickly that changed), we will take all the supplements and nutritional aides (we ended up throwing them out after they had expired), we were going to reduce stress and increase laughter (that was humorous in itself). We were going to become more spiritual and enlightened. We were going to take time to enjoy all that we had instead of looking for more. We were going to give up unhealthy habits (we were both part time poker players spending hours a week sedentary in an unhealthy environment). We were going to entertain more so that we could enjoy our friends and family. We were going to live a Balanced Life!
As my brain healed itself and my symptoms diminished, so did our resolve. We crept back into unhealthy habits, moved less, sat more, became less conscious of what we were eating and allowed stress to dominate our lives. Instead of doing something to relieve stress we generally took the path of least resistance and avoided doing the things we knew would make us feel better (what is that all about?).
I can imagine the mental picture you are conjuring up of our family unit. Let me assure you, we are not grossly overweight (in fact the most any of us needs to lose would be 10-15 pounds). My husband and I both lost 20 pounds following the stroke but some of it has managed to creep back on. We do not live in a stressful or unpleasant environment. We actually have a pretty close family unit. We are not devouring  pizza and hamburgers on a nightly basis (although I do find evidence of that when I have not been home for dinner). We do from time to time all go to the gym together. We like to walk by the ocean (or sit in our chairs and look at it). We eat more vegetables and fruit than the average family and less processed foods. We eat organic meat, dairy, fruits, vegetables and bread etc.
So why do we all feel so lethargic, stressed, ill, fatigued and generally grumpy? Why do we have such a hard time staying focused and interested in anything for very long? Why do we all have minor health issues, colds and flues? One reason is that we never do anything consistently for any reasonable period of time. We try it all but don’t apply it all! We have not yet made it our lifestyle.
Just like the flight attendant’s instructions to place the oxygen mask on yourself first before assisting others, I came to the conclusion that I cannot make this a family project – at least not at first. I am going to lead by example and I have faith that my family will follow. I will continue to introduce new healthy regimes slowly into our daily life and encourage them to make healthier choices outside the home. I will demonstrate the need for balancing the Mind, Body and Soul.  By the end of my 365 days to a Balanced Life Journey I hope that I will have created new healthy habits for myself, my family and maybe even you.
“Once the ‘what’ is decided,
the ‘how’ always follows.
We must not make the ‘how’
an excuse for not facing and
accepting the ‘what.'”
– Pearl S. Buck

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/wellness-articles/365-days-to-a-balanced-life-journey-3073066.html

About the AuthorWritten by:   Roneen C. Shaffer
Roneen is a Business and Lifestyle Consultant working on a 1 year project, 365 Days to a Balanced Life.  Visit www.balance365.ca for more ideas on how to improve your life.

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Choices, Choices, Choices That’s What Lifes Journey is All About Choices!

Choices, Choices, Choices That’s What Lifes Journey is All About Choices!

Author: Nelson Roque

CHOICES, CHOICES, CHOICES that’s what lifes journey is all about CHOICES!

For many things, this is an easy and empowering concept to embrace. Someone asks you out to dinner. Do you really want to go? You decide “yes” or “no”. You’re at choice. Someone asks you to do something you DON’T want to do. Again, you’re at choice…”yes” or “no”

But let’s get down to the choice of becoming healthy. DO YOU have a choice to become healthier? YOU sure do have that choice but why is it that our society is getting fatter and fatter each time we watch the news and tv.

HMMM! After all isn’t it our choice to stay fat or do something about our body fat, OUR LIFE, OUR DESTINY OUR FAMILIES FUTURE?

In life we got 4 choices to each and every decision we make, lets take a look at these 4 choices.

CHOICE #1 – STAY in the perspective of “I don’t have a choice” WHILE RESISTING or RESENTING the original commitment. This is a CHOICE.

CHOICE #2 – Make a new agreement. I’m big on keeping my word, however I believe it’s even MORE important to “be at choice”. And, often times creating a new agreement is best for YOU.

CHOICE #3 – Explore alternative resources. When we’re locked into “I don’t have a choice”, we’re less likely to explore alternative resources or to accept help from others. Set aside your ego and the need to be “significant”. Give up the notion of something “having” to be hard. Be WILLING for it to be easier. It doesn’t always have to be a struggle. “Be at choice” and open yourself up to the alternatives. Ask a powerful question. One of my friends is always asking, “How can this be done more easily and efficiently?” Funny thing is, there is usually an easier way if we’re open to it, and she is ALWAYS finding a way.

CHOICE #4 – ALIGN with your original CHOICE and DECIDE to ENJOY it or at the very least ACCEPT it. FIND SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOUR CHOICE – the challenge of it, working with a team, using your creativity, the feeling of accomplishment when the task is complete, knowing you’re a person of your word, learning and growth opportunities, or simply CHOOSING to follow through and give your best. I’m not suggesting you PRETEND, or that this is always EASY. I am suggesting that even in the most challenging of situations there is ALWAYS a way to RE-FRAME things within yourself and re-align with CHOICE if you’re open to that possibility. Focus on what excited you about the project in the first place. Focus on what following through with your choice will give you.

So here we are and we have made a CHOICE to become healthier and live life to the fullest capacity we can live it to.

As discussed earlier we do have a choice to stay fat or be a healthier and leaner person.

We choose to over eat, not exercise, eat poor choices of food, not drink enough water, are you getting the picture yet? Is this you? Most of population is like this, so how can we change our beliefs and start believing in ourselves that we can become leaner and healthier? To give you an idea what we need to do there are some words that I keep on repeating on a daily basis.

“In your heart lies the key,
That unlocks your desitiny
Look within and we’ll find,
everything we’re longing for”

The answers lie within you, each one of us has the power to make the choices that WILL CHANGE OUR LIVES, and in most cases it can be a positive result within a few days of just focusing on changing your beliefs and BELEIEVING IN YOURSELF THAT YOU CAN CHANGE NOW!

There is a quote that I love and it has become a affirmation for some time to keep me focused here it is.

‘The mind can assert anything and pretend it has proved it.’ DH Lawrence

YES it is mind over matter.

Take charge of your health now before the fat takes charge of you, your life and everyone else around you.




Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/fitness-articles/choices-choices-choices-thats-what-lifes-journey-is-all-about-choices-72215.html

About the AuthorNelson Roque is a Fitness/Body Mind Weight Loss Mentor who has lost 86lbs; he is also a sports nutritionist who focuses on total body well-being.

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Improving Life – How To Improve Life Quality Consciously

Author: Abhishek Agarwal

This journey called “Life” is synonymous with roads, long and short, smooth and rocky, straight and crooked, some leading to happiness, some to sadness, some lead to a pleasant pasture of fame and fortune, whereas some lead to an abyss of isolation and poverty.  Then there are also corners, shortcuts, detours and most importantly, crossroads.

At the crossroads, you have to make a conscious choice.  Which direction will you take?  There are four choices.  Can you guarantee the right choice?  Or would you rather remain at the spot facing the crossroads?  In life’s crossroads, guarantees do not exist.  You are never sure that you are making the right choice.  You will come to realize where a road leads only when you take that road.  This is one thing you have to realize.  Has anybody confirmed that choosing the right ways all the time always guarantees happiness?  What if you love somebody very deeply and the love is not reciprocated?  You may gain fortune and fame but will that guarantee your happiness? If your high qualifications and competence deserve an advancement up the ladder of career, Would you be really happy to accept a recommendation of that influential superior of yours to cut short the rungs of the ladder?  There is no control over the possible outcomes.  You have control only on your own decisions, actions and reactions to the various situations.

You can say you have made the right decision only when a consequence of that decision has turned out beneficial for you.  So a decision becomes right or wrong only in retrospect.  If you were to know that this particular course of action would lead to loss, would you have opted for that course of action?  No. So in every decision there is a risk involved.  But should that stop you from taking a decision?  Life does not offer a guarantee so you have to go ahead and decide anyway.  It is better to take a chance rather than stop at the crossroads.  Who knows, may be one wrong turn would make you lose track but there could a lurking opportunity at another corner.  It can turn into an adventure and open more roads for you.  It all depends on your perspective.

In life’s myriad by lanes, you could end up as an accidental tourist or a lost traveler. But you can’t avoid traveling.  You can’t avoid making decisions.  But as long as you take basic precautions you can look forward to positive experiences in life.  Always base your decisions on as much information as is available in your situation.  Taking risks does not mean being stupid and careless.  Follow the 5 W’s of news reports.  Ask yourself why, then where, then what, followed by who and when.  Why do you find yourself in a particular situation?  Where is it going to lead you?  What can you do about it?  Who will it involve and when did it happen?  The more answers you seek to these questions, the easier it will be for you to find the right course of action.  Lack of information causes indecision in your mind.

Then you must identify the options you have.  The options may be few, sometimes plenty and yet at other times, none at all. If you don’t have options, you can surely create your own.  Put the creativity of your mind to work.  Explore all the simple as well as complicated ideas that come to mind.   Sometimes, even the most impossible ideas say “I (a) m Possible”.  You could get a friend to chalk out your options if you have any difficulty, but do make your decision yourself.

Weigh each option with its advantages or disadvantages in the balance of your mind.  This is sure to give you a deeper insight into the consequences of every option. Then you can be sure you have done your best in the circumstances and trust yourself to make the right decision.  Believe in your own self.  ‘No guarantees’ tag comes all too often in life and you can only do your best.

Mentally prepare yourself to face the consequences of your decision.  It may lead you to a land full of promise or a land full of problems.  But take heart.  Take pride in the fact that you did make a conscious choice instead of taking a passive attitude of a bystander in your own life.  Time alone will prove you right or otherwise.  Then if unfortunately your decision is proven wrong in retrospect, learn from it.  You will have plenty of chances to make right decisions in future life.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/self-improvement-articles/improving-life-how-to-improve-life-quality-consciously-775086.html

About the AuthorAbhishek is a Self-Improvement expert and he has got some great  Self-Improvement Secrets  up his sleeves! Download his FREE 81 Pages Ebook, “Self Improvement Made Easy!” from his website  http://www.Positive-You.com/775/index.htm . Only limited Free Copies available.

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Stress and Depressed, Healthy diet for Stress free life

Author: adrianna smith

You ever know about Ayurveda? It is the traditional Indian medical science. Ayurveda says that the food we eat has a critical role in how the mind and body work. Certain foods cause more stress while others relax the body and spirit. Since stress is considered a mental problem, many do not know that diet can play an important role in stress management. Certain types of foods increase the physical symptoms of stress, while others ease the physical manifestations of stress. Therefore, it is clear that the specific foods should be avoided during the stress and some should be eaten more than others.One of them is sugar. Sugar is nothing but empty calories and is processed immediately after taking it, giving an immediate boost to the adrenal glands. So you are feeling good after sweets. However, what you in taxes from the adrenal glands as they are already over worked. It’s like putting them on steroids. Also, be empty calories, our body has to use enzymes, vitamins and minerals from your deposit account to process sugar. Over a time period, a diet rich in sugar, drain out body minerals and vitamins and becomes insignificant and more susceptible to stress.Another food that causes the adrenaline glands working diligently is caffeine. Caffeine is present in colas, coffee and tea, and given the large quantities of these drinks you consume, the stress levels are obviously higher in this generation, compared with the previous.Highly processed foods like bleached flour found in bread to a large extent have nothing but empty calories and are void of nutrients. These refined foods have fiber, too. This causes intestinal problems and body can not expel waste and toxins efficiently.Furthermore, to add the humor of the situation, these foods are quickly first stripped of nutrients and vitamins and then artificially enriched to attract buyers who are looking for better products and healthy. It is much more cost effective to have natural foods and whole, in order to conserve the natural elements of nutrients that are a part of the nature of the project.Whole foods such as wheat, oats, whole grains, fruits, vegetables are what you need to include as an element of their diet. Make sure that these fruits and vegetables are not processed and canned, but fresh and raw. Fruits and vegetables contain a quantity of fiber and therefore help the simple elimination of toxins and waste. They also take longer to digest, and so release energy slowly and steadily, compared with short bursts of energy related to fast food. As a result, you do not feel hungry between meals and your energy level in a coherent whole.A nutritious diet is what the body wants to fight stress. We are what we eat. By changing our perspective to our body nutritious than meet our taste receptors, we will go a long way is to build a healthy body and stress-free life.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/wellness-articles/stress-and-depressed-healthy-diet-for-stress-free-life-2219679.html

About the AuthorGet more information on Home Remedies for Depression and Natural Stress Reliever. And more on natural cure for depression