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External validation doesn’t pay off, enjoying the process does.

In my 40s, I was always waiting for my big break. I used to see others’ success and was convinced (without a doubt) that that made them happy. Now, I feel myself running away from hype and hustle. I feel strong standing on the ground underneath me.
I read somewhere in the web, on how to be stayed motivated, inspired and content while painting the same type of art over and over. The painter said that the process of painting had to be meaningful. The actual daily experience was a priority; not the selling or sharing or finishing. It’s something that has stuck with me and when I feel a restlessness, I think back to that insight.
Dana Tanamachi, says “Live a quiet life and work with your hands” and this is something that I’ve come to understand. In this very quiet and humbling phase of my life, I look back to my 20’s and remember my thirst for recognition. I feel content looking into my 30’s with a desire to help people and just enjoying the process.
I don’t have everything figured out but I knew I needed to share this. While I’m still learning, understanding and failing myself, I hope that you feel a little less alone after reading this.
And to my friend (Teddy Delos Santos) – who just passed away – I hope you know that you’re one of the few people on earth that reminded me of how smart and strong I am. I will constantly think back to your words of encouragement after I landed on my current job. You said, “Your work ethic, ability and attitude are the things that got you to this point.”

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The List of Telecommunications Network Prefixes in the Philippines

GLOBE and TM prefixes:

0905    0906

0915    0916    0917

0926    0927

0935    0936


0955    0956

0965    0966

0975    0976    0977

0995    0997



Sun numbers

0922    0931    0934    0944
0923    0932    0942
0925    0933    0943

ABS-CBN Mobile:


Cherry Prepaid Cherry Mobile:



Smart and TNT numbers:                   


813      920      949

900      921      950

907      928      951

908      929      970

909      930      971

910      931      980

911      938      981

912      939      989

913      940      992

914      946      998

918      947      999

919      948

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Another Good Deed Goes Noticed — notquiteold

I stopped for gas a few days ago at one of the busiest gas stations near my home. So, yes, it was a Cumberland Farms. I don’t really know if these convenience stores exist all over the country or just in New England, but if you aren’t familiar with Cumby’s, let me just say that […]

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The Benefit Of The Doubt — notquiteold

When you give people the benefit of the doubt, you automatically assume that they are nice people trying their best. And your anger dissipates.

And it’s so nice not to be angry.

When you assign benevolent motives to people instead of assuming unpleasant motives, the world itself becomes a more benevolent place.

I recently heard someone I love very much say, “At my age, I am not afraid to say what I think. I’ve earned the right to express my opinion.” And I agree. Except. At my age, I expect civility, kindness, and respect. If your comment is needlessly hurtful or disrespectful – even in the smallest […]

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Changing Targets : Reasonable Goals — 83 Unsung Heroes

In some instances, we might not know how things will turn out, but the ground work is there. We can see the first step to our target and it’s obvious and apparent and unquestionable. However, it doesn’t look like we expected it to look and takes us somewhere different, so we change it or take it out of the equation rather than run with it to see what happens.

A project that I’ve recently been managing at work is around process efficiency. One tranche of “efficiency” is speed, in that if we can do a process faster with at least the same degree of accuracy, it will be better. So we set about the task of mapping how long the […]

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We Rise by Uplifting Others — Redefined Love

What is the risk you are willing to take to have a more filling life? Are you willing to let a certain crowd go? are you willing to learn to allow yourself to be more positive? What are you willing to do? I challenge you to find a way to uplift the people around you and that includes you. Trust me it feels so good to uplift others as much as it feels good to be uplifted.

Uplifting people can you make you feel after. Have you uplifted someone today?

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Hi, if we were having a coffee this week I think I’d still get a hot one

Hi, if we were having a coffee this week I think I’d still get a hot one rather than an iced one despite the nice weather. I can’t help but feel that iced coffees are just as excuse not give you as much milk. Monday morning this week started tremendously well. I woke up at […]

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8 Reasons You’re Taking Bad Photos

How many times have you taken a photo, looked at your LCD and thought….Ugh? I’ve been there. I knew what I wanted creatively but couldn’t make my vision a reality. Or I was close on the vision but the photo was blurry, underexposed or blown out. From the practical to the philosophical, here are 8 possible reasons why your images my not be […]

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