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▪️Kung nagpo-post sya nang mga rants or hinanakit nya sa buhay, hayaan mo sya kesa ma-depress yan. Kanya-kanya tayo ng outlet sa buhay e. Bakit hindi mo hayaan maglabas nang sama nang loob at least may mga makakausap sya at may matutunan din ang iba. Hindi mo alam ang pinagdadaanan nya.
▪️Kung nagpo-post sila ng masarap na food at kumakain sila hayaan mo sila maging masaya dahil busog sila, e di kumain ka din. Hindi mo alam- baka un lang ang afford nila na pampasaya. 😂😂😂
▪️Kung pala-upload sila nang picture/selfies nila hayaan mo sila kaya nga FACEBOOK NYA UN eh. HINDI nila kasalanan na ayaw mo mag-selfie. HINDI din mentally disturbed at mababaw ang mga nagse-selfie tulad ng paniniwala mo. 😂😂😂😂
▪️Kung nagpo-post sya ng benta nya sa fb, hayaan mo sya, gusto nya mag hanapbuhay-ng marangal kaysa mabaon pa sa utang.
▪️Isa pa kung nag-uupload sila ng mga achievements nila sa buhay hayaan mo na lang. Proud lang sila sa sarili nila wag tayong maiinggit bagkus gawin natin inspirasyon. Be happy for them walang mawawala sayo. At wag mo naman hilingin na PULUTIN SILA SA KANGKUNGAN. 😊
▪️Kung nagsi-share sila ng words of God/ Bible Verses o quotes – hayaan mo sila, hindi ka pinatatamaan, instead they want to encourage and lift you up. And it does not mean na pa-Holy, religious o poetic. Tandaan ang Diyos lang ang nakakaalam kung anong laman ng puso at isipan mo.
I-share mo na lang din para happy.
▪️At kung nakakabili sila ng mga bagay na di mo nabibili pabayaan mo sila pinaghirapan nila yun kaya gusto nila ipagmalaki bagkus gawin mo ulit inspirasyon na kung nabili nila bakit di mo kayang bilhin. At kung kaya mo naman bilhin pero ayaw mo lang i-post-choice mo yan- still pabayaan mo na lang sila sa kaligayahan nila 😊
▪️At kung nakaka-travel sila pabayaan mo baka gusto lang nilang mag unwind para kahit papano mabawasan mga hinanakit nila sa buhay. Makapagliwaliw pantanggal stress and to create happy memories with their family or friends.
▪️At kung nagpo-post sila ng pictures ng happy family , happy couples at happy relationships, pinaghirapan nila to achieve those happiness. Di mo alam pinagdaanan nila sa likod ng bawat happy picture they post. Mga iniyak nila sa bawat ngiti at halakhak.
✔️Sana, wag tayong masyadong pakialamero, apektado o judgmental sa posts ng iba at sa buhay nang ibang tao, para di tayo mag mukhang bitter at inggitera. As long as di ka nila natatapakan o sinasaktan, let them be. Hindi lahat kelangan naaayon sa gusto mo.
✔️At pinaka-importante-HINDI mo yan account, account nila yan.😆
Copy then paste, ni-repost lang din 😊




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Baluarte-Vigan Ilocos Sur, Philippines

The Baluarte Zoo was established by local politician and businessman, Chavit Singson. Singson, who cites his hunting hobby as his motive in setting up Baluarte only considered opening a zoo when his hunting trophy collection grew too big. He thought that a zoo would serve to edify it, patrons, aside from promoting conservation and protection of endangered species.[1] Described as an interactive wildlife sanctuary, the facility was designed and developed by Singson himself(Wikipedia)

In my recent visit at  “Baluarte” I found out that almost everything, there is free if you opt to skip the shuttle you can walk up to the destinations which are not quite far from each other. The only thing you can’t get into if you’re walking in to see the White Lion/Tiger. You need to pay to see and take a picture with it. Regardless “Baluarte” is a great place to visit with the whole family. Tourist shops sold reasonably priced items and there were many snack shacks around the place. It’s well maintained and the staff is friendly and informative.

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The man she knew and loved as her dad was not her biological father.

When she called him, about a week later, he was apologetic and baffled. He just couldn’t fathom how this had happened, he told her. The only thing he could think of was that he’d bought a new sperm counting machine that same year, and perhaps he had contaminated it when he was testing it with his own semen.

Alison Motluk writes on how fertility doctors impregnating their own clients is more common than you might think, and on how the law around tracking sperm donors and donations is impotent against the problem.

via Uncommon Ancestry: Your Dad is My Dad? — Longreads

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Is there a solution for every problem?

Is there a solution for every problem? Is there a problem for every solution? Is every problem really a problem?

Problems, problems, problems, wow I’m fed-up…. We think certain problem can’t be solved. That’s why we think of consulting to consultants, therapists, and counselors. To solve a problem a helpful strategy is Logical reasoning but how is that? Lets read this.

“The Bible teaching about problem solving teaches that evaluation is necessary. It makes sense, doesn’t it? How will we ever know if the problem is solved if we do not investigate? Let us acquire Nehemiah Problem Solving Skills. “

The Bible teaching about problem solving indicates the need for a careful plan. In this step you must determine a definite goal and identify the specific steps to reach the goal. Answer the questions such as, “What are the actions to take, and when, how and where will the action take place. Who will be involved? How can the chosen solution best be translated into action? How can I get the resources? What is the time schedule?”

From Nehemiah 2:6 and onward, you can study the story of how Nehemiah carefully put together a plan, overcome challenges, made modifications, and achieved his goal. We must plan our work, and work our plan – just like he did.

The writer of Proverbs said, “The plans of the diligent lead surely to advantage, but everyone who is hasty comes surely to poverty” (Proverbs 21:5).

More than One Way to Skin a Cat: Creative Thinking Adventures

How many times have you caught yourself saying that there could be no other solution to a problem – and that that problem leads to a dead end? How many times have you felt stumped knowing that the problem laying before you is one you cannot solve. No leads. No options. No solutions.

Did it feel like you had exhausted all possible options and yet are still before the mountain – large, unconquerable, and impregnable? When encountering such enormous problems, you may feel like you’re hammering against a steel mountain. the pressure of having to solve such a problem may be overwhelming.

But rejoice! There might be some hope yet!

With some creative problem-solving techniques you may be able to look at your problem in a different light. And that light might just be the end of the tunnel that leads to possible solutions.

First of all, in the light of creative problem-solving, you must be open-minded to the fact that there may be more than just one solution to the problem. And, you must be open to the fact that there may be solutions to problems you thought were unsolvable.

Now, with this optimistic mindset, we can try to be a little bit more creative in solving our problems.

Number one; maybe the reason we cannot solve our problems is that we have not really taken a hard look at what the problem is. Here, trying to understanding the problem and having a concrete understanding of its workings is integral solving the problem. If you know how it works, what the problem is, then you have a better foundation towards solving the problem.

Not trying to make the simple statement of what problem is. Try to identify the participating entities and what their relationships with one another are. Take note of the things you stand to gain any stand to lose from the current problem. Now you have a simple statement of what the problem is.

Number two; try to take note of all of the constraints and assumptions you have the words of problem. Sometimes it is these assumptions that obstruct our view of possible solutions. You have to identify which assumptions are valid, in which assumptions need to be addressed.

Number three; try to solve the problem by parts. Solve it going from general view towards the more detailed parts of the problem. This is called the top-down approach. Write down the question, and then come up with a one-sentence solution to that from them. The solution should be a general statement of what will solve the problem. From here you can develop the solution further, and increase its complexity little by little.
Recommended video to watch:

Number four; although it helps to have critical thinking aboard as you solve a problem, you must also keep a creative, analytical voice at the back of your head. When someone comes up with a prospective solution, tried to think how you could make that solution work. Try to be creative. At the same time, look for chinks in the armor of that solution.

Number five; it pays to remember that there may be more than just one solution being developed at one time. Try to keep track of all the solutions and their developments. Remember, there may be more than just one solution to the problem.

Number six; remember that old adage,” two heads are better than one.” That one is truer than it sounds. Always be open to new ideas. You can only benefit from listening to all the ideas each person has. This is especially true when the person you’re talking to has had experience solving problems similar to yours.

You don’t have to be a gung-ho, solo hero to solve the problem. If you can organize collective thought on the subject, it would be much better.

Number seven; be patient. As long as you persevere, there is always a chance that a solution will present itself. Remember that no one was able to create an invention the first time around.

Creative thinking exercises can also help you in your quest be a more creative problems solver.

Here is one example.

Take a piece of paper and write any word that comes to mind at the center. Now look at that word then write the first two words that come to your mind. This can go on until you can build a tree of related words. This helps you build analogical skills, and fortify your creative processes.

So, next time you see a problem you think you can not solve, think again. The solution might just be staring you right in the face. All it takes is just a little creative thinking, some planning, and a whole lot of work.

Prayer is Needed

Nehemiah wrote that he, “sat down and wept and mourned for days; and I was fasting and praying before the God of heaven” (Nehemiah 1:4). Surely, in faith we must approach God for wisdom, direction, and strength (cf. James 1:5-6). In our humility, we need to capture God’s perspective on matters.
problems photo: problems problems.jpg

“The problem solving skills can be acquired as we navigate the challenges of life – All the best to you, and may God richly bless you.”jhmenor

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Choices and the Decisions We Make in our Life-( Reminiscing )

Author : Jaime H. Menor Jr.
“When God made us, He made everyone unique–He gave us a free will; a will to act on choice. The will of man is the highest form of authority on earth. Man was given volition not to do the will of man but the will of God as God’s representative here on earth. With a will, man can decide his own course; he can determine his own fate in life. Having this free will, man can blame no one for any decision he may make whether that decision produces negative results or positive results.

Life is About Choices and the Decisions We Make, Life is like a road, there are crossroads, long and short roads; smooth and rocky roads; crooked and straight paths. In our life many roads would come our way as we journey through life. There are roads that lead to a life of single blessedness, marriage, and religious vocation. There are also roads that lead to fame and fortune on one hand, or isolation and poverty on the other. There are roads to happiness as there are roads to sadness, roads towards victory and jubilation, and roads leading to defeat and disappointment. Just like any road, there are corners, detours, and crossroads in life. Perhaps the most perplexing road that you would encounter is a crossroad. With four roads to choose from and with limited knowledge on where they would go, which road will you take? What is the guarantee that we would choose the right one along the way? Would you take any road, or just stay where you are: in front of a crossroad? There are no guarantees. You do not really know where a road will lead you until you take it. There are no guarantees. This is one of the most important things you need to realize about life. Nobody said that choosing to do the right thing all the time would always lead you to happiness. Loving someone with all your heart does not guarantee that it would be returned. Gaining fame and fortune does not guarantee happiness. Accepting a good word from an influential superior to cut your trip short up the career ladder is not always bad, especially if you are highly qualified and competent. There are too many possible outcomes, which your really cannot control. The only thing you have power over is the decisions that you will make, and how you would act and react to different situations. Wrong decisions are always at hindsight. Had you known that you were making a wrong decision, would you have gone along with it? Perhaps not, why would you choose a certain path when you know it would get you lost? Why make a certain decision if you knew from the very beginning that it is not the right one. It is only after you have made a decision and reflected on it that you realize its soundness. If the consequences or outcomes are good for you, then you have decided correctly. Otherwise, your decision was wrong. Take the risk: decide. Since life offers no guarantee and you would never know that your decision would be wrong until you have made it, then you might as well take the risk and decide. It is definitely better than keeping yourself in limbo. Although it is true that one wrong turn could get you lost, it could also be that such a turn could be an opportunity for an adventure, moreover open more roads. It is all a matter of perspective. You have the choice between being a lost traveller or an accidental tourist of life. But take caution that you do not make decisions haphazardly. Taking risks is not about being careless and stupid. Here are some pointers that could help you choose the best option in the face of life’s crossroads: • Get as many information as you can about your situation. You cannot find the confidence to decide when you know so little about what you are faced with. Just like any news reporter, ask the 5 W’s: what, who, when, where, and why. What is the situation? Who are the people involved? When did this happen? Where is this leading? Why are you in this situation? These are just some of the possible questions to ask to know more about your situation. This is important. Oftentimes, the reason for indecision is the lack of information about a situation. • Identify and create options. What options do the situation give you? Sometimes the options are few, but sometimes they are numerous. But what do you do when you think that the situation offers no options? This is the time that you create your own. Make your creative mind work. From the most simplistic to the most complicated, entertain all ideas. Do not shoot anything down when an idea comes to your head. Sometimes the most outrageous idea could prove to be the right one in the end. You can ask a friend to help you identify options and even make more options if you encounter some difficulty, but make sure that you make the decision yourself in the end. • Weigh the pros and cons of every option. Assess each option by looking at the advantages and disadvantages it offers you. In this way, you get more insights about the consequences of such an option. • Trust yourself and make that decision. Now that you have assessed your options, it is now time to trust yourself. Remember that there are no guarantees and wrong decisions are always at hindsight. So choose… decide… believe that you are choosing the best option at this point in time. Now that you have made a decision, be ready to face its consequences: good and bad. It may take you to a place of promise or to a land of problems. But the important thing is that you have chosen to live your life instead of remaining a bystander or a passive audience to your own life. Whether it is the right decision or not, only time can tell. But do not regret it whatever the outcome. Instead, learn from it and remember that you always have the chance to make better decisions in the future.


“There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.” Denis Waitley
Recommended movie clip to watch:

Words to live by:

Life is choice-driven so you are a product of your decisions; your life today is a product of yesterday’s choices. The scripture says in Deuteronomy 30:19: “This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.” Your decisions not only affect the quality of your life, but your children are also impacted by your choices, and others around you may be affected by your choices as well. If you want your future to be different, you must make better choices today.

Good luck- Jaime Menor Jr.



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Fathers Day – Ways that you can mark this century old holiday even after your father has died.

Its’ Father’s Day TODAY and for more than Billion Peoples whose fathers have died, it will be at best a bittersweet day. Many of those around us will be celebrating with their dads, fatherless sons and daughters will have to depend not on the man in the flesh, but on their own memories.

Fortunately, that may be enough.
Here are some ways that you can mark this century old holiday even after your father has died.
If you are a father, just focus on being the best father you can be to your kids, moreover you can be a mentor to a child who has no father in his life or whose father has died.
Think of some ways that you can honor him. By honoring him, you will actually helping not only yourself but you are also doing it for humanity, remember this quote from Mother Teresa “What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.”


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Ginataang Langka na may Hipon

One of my favorite dish is the Ginataang Langka, young jack fruit stewed in coconut milk with shrimp paste, crabs and chili for spice.

gata na may hipon


Use fresh clean shrimps, cook them shell faced down. The juices inside the shell added a taste  in the cooking.

When bringing the coconut to boil, keep stirring to avoid the milk from curdling (magbuo-buo).

The shrimps has it’s own saltiness, taste it first before adding any seasoning .

For spicier taste, use siling labuyo.


Put coconut milk, garlic, onion, turmeric and lemon grass in a saucepan.

Keep stirring to avoid the milk from curdling , bring to boil.

Add shrimps, jackfruit and shrimp paste, simmer until shrimps evenly change color.

Add green/red  chilli, season with salt and pepper, simmer for another few minutes.

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Parents,the unsung heroes of every person!

We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves.
Henry Ward Beecher


Parents are the unsung heroes of every person that has ever done anything great. Think about the people that you most admire in your life. Do you attribute any of their greatness to the people that raised them? Often, we do not even think about the fact that there were most likely two people who were most influential in making a person who they are. Of course I am referring to his or her parents. If a person is great, remember that greatness is not achieved in a vacuum. There were people who sowed the seeds of greatness.

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Great Quote from Naruto/Naruto Shippudden

Author: Jim Menor

Watching Naruto with my kids has bring me closer to them, we had lot of things to talk about, the manga’s characters, adventures, its special powers who’s weaker and who’s powerful etc…. If you think I’m being childish or becoming a kid that ruled by his own emotions, then so be it.. I also observed that the manga is not only entertaining it also has a lot of Great Quote that could inspire everyone as they travel their own Life’s Journey…

Below are some quote that I like the most:

Uchiha Itachi-unleashed by Edo tensei

“No matter how powerful you become never try to shoulder everything alone, otherwise you will undoubtedly fail.”

“People live their lives bound by what they accept as correct and true. That’s how they define “Reality.” But what does it mean to be “correct” or “true”? Merely vague concepts- their “Reality” may all be a mirage. Can we consider them to simply be living in their own world, shaped by their beliefs?”- Uchiha Itachi

Uchiha Madara
When a man learns to love, he must bear the risk of hatred.

“When a person has something important to protect, that’s when they can truly become strong.” ~Haku
“Those in the ninja world who break the rules and regulations are called trash, but those who don’t care about their companions… are even lower than trash.”

“Wherever someone thinks of you, that’s where home is.”

“Being hurt inevitably breeds feelings of hatred towards your attacker. But when we hurt others, we have to deal with their hatred for us, and our own feelings of guilt..

..But knowing what it feels like to be hurt is exactly why we try to be kind to others..

..that’s what makes us human.”

“The weaker you are the louder you bark.”

Uzumaki Naruto
“Dattebayo!” “Believe It!”
“I won’t run away anymore… I won’t go back on my word, that is my ninja way!”

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An Important Family Affair

Meal Time – a Family Affair for Many Generations

Meal Time – a Family Affair for Many Generations

Author: Marcia Chumbley

Meal Time – A Family Affair for Many Generations

In the past, it was traditional that at all three mealtimes, breakfast, lunch and dinner, the family would all gather round the dinner table to eat. Someone – usually one of the children – would set the table, Mom or Grandma (or both!) would prepare a healthy, delicious meal which would be laid out on the table. Dishes would be passed around the table, a prayer would be said, and clean-up would take place before any children could play.

While that probably reminds you of your own childhood, how often does it take place in your own home? Having a family mealtime can afford you with a lot more benefits than you might think. Sure it takes longer, and sure, everyone has to bend their ever-so-busy schedules to it, but just imagine some of the wonderful benefits of a family mealtime!

A family mealtime can enable you to be able to teach your children how to cook – properly! Many children today simply can’t cook anything out of a microwave, and don’t know how to follow a basic recipe. Using family mealtimes as instructional times can be a wonderful opportunity for you to teach your children how to cook good, healthy meals. Showing your children and grandchildren the basics, such as how to time cooking many dishes at once, food preparation and substitutions, the mathematics involved in cutting a recipe in half or doubling it, and many other cooking lessons can be invaluable later in life. Passing on of family recipes from one generation to another generation.

Having a family meal also allows you to bring your family closer together as a family unit and to involve the entire family with an activity all at once. In today’s world, how often does your entire family get to sit down with one another at the same time? Use this fantastic time as a way to start conversations between members of your family. Discuss the high points and low points of each family member’s day. Learn how your children are doing in school and extra-curricular activities (if they are not home schooled). Most of all this provides an environment where your family can talk to each other and listen in an open forum. Grandparents offer discussion of history and family traditions.

This can also bring your family closer together in other ways. You can have each family member plan one meal for the week, or have your family plan meals together. Use this as a time to think about the nutritional value of each meal, to incorporate all of the food groups, and to also make sure that everyone has a chance to eat their favorite foods! The ideas are limitless, and it will encourage an atmosphere of sharing, kindness and caring.

Let each member of your family take part in mealtime, from setting the table to taking turns doing the dishes afterwards. It is all about family participation and sharing. Include every member of your family and be sure to be absolutely firm about this aspect of your lives. Many times schedules and appointments can interfere with family dinners, but this is a very important part of your family life, and it should be treated as such by all members of the family.

Meal time isn’t simply the time for us to eat, it is a time for us to come together as a family unit and to strengthen our bonds together. Whether you can eat one meal together a day or three, it is important to set aside at least one meal a day as a “family meal”. Your family will thank you for it!

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/home-and-family-articles/meal-time-a-family-affair-for-many-generations-278274.html

About the Author

Marcia Chumbley is a work at home mom and grandmother in Minnesota. She is the owner of a Christian Work From Home Moms and Grandparents web site at http://www.faithfulgrannies.com. Bringing generations of Christian Work From Home Moms, Grandmothers, Parents, Boomers and Families together while providing resources, inspiration and affordable advertising while balancing the work at home experience.