Plan Ahead

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While we were here

This movie was amazing! The story that is told in this movie is not about love, it’s about liberation. And definitely this movie is a tear jerker!

Set next to the pretty background of the Island of Ischia, off the Amalfi Coast, and “WHILE WE WERE HERE” follows a young American writer named Jane (Kate Bosworth) who finds herself at a personal and professional crossroads when she accompanies her husband Leonard (Iddo Goldberg) on a business trip.
For me the story that is told in this movie is not about love, it’s about liberation. While escaping the dullness of her comfortable marriage by delving deeper into adapting her grandmother’s WWII stories (narrated by Claire Bloom) into a memoir she stumbles into a romantic affair with a younger man (Jamie Blackley) who complicates her life even further. I’m not even entirely certain what prompts her to do this considering how much her husband — in his own way — loves her, and she must him. I don’t think the movie can even be considered romantic or otherwise its only sensuality.

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Time Out of Mind

Recently a picture of Richard Gere, playing in real life as a homeless guy were circulating, guess why? The actor was going deep undercover for his role as a man living on the streets and trying desperately to reconnect with how is life gonna be for a man with no house. You will never know who you really are until everything has been taken away from you.

The film is named after Bob Dylan’s 30th studio album

List of Movies to watch for 2015

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