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External validation doesn’t pay off, enjoying the process does.

In my 40s, I was always waiting for my big break. I used to see others’ success and was convinced (without a doubt) that that made them happy. Now, I feel myself running away from hype and hustle. I feel strong standing on the ground underneath me.
I read somewhere in the web, on how to be stayed motivated, inspired and content while painting the same type of art over and over. The painter said that the process of painting had to be meaningful. The actual daily experience was a priority; not the selling or sharing or finishing. It’s something that has stuck with me and when I feel a restlessness, I think back to that insight.
Dana Tanamachi, says “Live a quiet life and work with your hands” and this is something that I’ve come to understand. In this very quiet and humbling phase of my life, I look back to my 20’s and remember my thirst for recognition. I feel content looking into my 30’s with a desire to help people and just enjoying the process.
I don’t have everything figured out but I knew I needed to share this. While I’m still learning, understanding and failing myself, I hope that you feel a little less alone after reading this.
And to my friend (Teddy Delos Santos) – who just passed away – I hope you know that you’re one of the few people on earth that reminded me of how smart and strong I am. I will constantly think back to your words of encouragement after I landed on my current job. You said, “Your work ethic, ability and attitude are the things that got you to this point.”

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Philippines Probabilistic Risk Results Average Annual Loss by Hazard

Philippines Probabilistic Risk Results Average Annual Loss by Hazard

UNISDR is supporting countries to develop disaster loss databases. The need for systematic data for disaster mitigation and prevention is an increasing concern of both development and response agencies. In the past, data needs were addressed on an ad hoc basis, which included collecting the information at the time of the emergency. However, there is a growing importance and understanding that data collection, analysis, and management can help both short and long-term development goals and help to identify and address disaster risks.


Probabilistic Risk

Probabilistic risk assessment uses mathematical models to combine any possible future hazard scenarios, information about the exposed assets and the vulnerability, to provide results of an estimate of probable loss levels in a region of interest. Unlike historical estimates, probabilistic risk assessment takes into account all disasters that can occur in the future, including very intensive losses with long return periods, and does overcomes the limitations associated with estimated derived from historical disaster loss data.

Why does it matter Probabilistic risk assessment gives an overview of estimated losses, which can provide guidance to predict and plan for future losses. This information can be used to plan and prioritize investments and strategies for managing disaster risk.

Source UNISDR (GAR) – https://www.preventionweb.net/english/hyogo/gar/2015/en/home/

View morePreventionweb – Understanding Disaster Risk – Deterministic and probabilistic risk – https://www.preventionweb.net/risk/deterministic-probabilistic-risk

Average Annual Loss (AAL)

The Average Annual Loss is the expected loss per annum associated to the occurrence of future perils assuming a very long observation timeframe.

Why does it matterIt considers the damage caused on the exposed elements by small, moderate and extreme events and results a useful and robust metric for risk ranking and comparisons.

AAL Flood results are provisional. These results give an overview of the risk associated with river flooding. Factors other than the depth of the water also have a considerable influence on loss, which means that there is greater uncertainty compared with other hazards.

Probable Maximum Loss (PML)

The Probable Maximum Loss is a risk metric that represents the maximum loss that could be expected, on average, within a given number of years.

Why does it matter PML is widely used to establish limits related to the size of reserves that, for example, insurance companies or a government should have available to buffer losses: the higher the return period, the higher the expected loss. PML always have associated a mean return period.

Mean return period of 100, 250, 500, 1000 and 1500 years means the 5%, 2%, 1%, 0.5% and 0.3% probability respectively of exceeding those losses in 5 years.

For Detailed Report visit this link: https://www.preventionweb.net/countries/phl/data/

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Disaster Management Program

It is important that the governments provide the needed policy-level guidance and leadership in promoting child,youth and gender-sensitive disaster policies.

As the world faces an array of natural and man-made disasters the needs of vulnerable populations affected by humanitarian emergencies are evolving. World Vision is also changing. With operations in 95 countries and a global commitment to having a sustained impact in the lives of children, World Vision is reinforcing its holistic approach to disaster management.

Video Credit:Author Tanya Penny Director Humanitarian Positioning, Reputation and Communications World Vision International
Source: https://www.wvi.org/disaster-management/video/disaster-management-2020

The Philippines is very vulnerable to natural disasters because of its natural setting, as well as its socio-economic, political and environmental context. The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Plan (NDRRMP) fulfills the requirement of RA No. 10121 of 2010, which provides the legal basis for policies, plans and programs to deal with
disasters. The NDRRMP covers four Thematic areas, namely,
(1) Disaster Prevention and Mitigation;
(2) Disaster Preparedness;
(3) Disaster Response; and
(4) Disaster Rehabilitation and Recovery
This correspond to the structure of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC). By law, the Office of Civil Defense formulates and implements the NDRRMP and ensures that the physical framework, social, economic and environmental plans of communities, cities, municipalities and provinces are consistent with such plan. The NDRRMP is consistent with the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Framework (NDRRMF), which serves as “the principal guide to disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM) efforts to the country….”The Framework envisions a country of “safer, adaptive and disaster-resilient Filipino communities toward sustainable development.”It conveys a paradigm shift from reactive to proactive DRRM wherein men and women have increased their awareness and understanding of DRRM,with the end in view of increasing people’s resilience and decreasing their vulnerabilities. The NDRRMP is a road map on how DRRM shall contribute to gender-responsive and rights-based sustainable development. Read the full report at this link (http://www.ndrrmc.gov.ph/attachments/article/41/NDRRM_Plan_2011-2028.pdf)


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Olongapo City Emergency Hotlines

Olongapo Fire Department  223-1415
Olongapo City – Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (DRRMO) (047)2236907(Landline),    09985367121 (Smart), 09173065966 (Globe)
SBMA Fire Department 252-4830 / 252-4657 / 2524061
Sta Rita, Rescue, & Disaster Response 0939-956-0009 / 222-9225
Philippine RedCross 0917-889-2783 / 222-2181
New Cabalan Fire & Rescue 224-5414
Old Cabalan Quick Emergency Response 603-1700
Gordon Heights Fire & Rescue 223-5497
Barretto Fire & Rescue 222-4295
East Bajac Bajac Fire & Rescue 0917-436-5998 /                222-5035
West Bajac Bajac Fire & Rescue 222-5173

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The List of Telecommunications Network Prefixes in the Philippines

GLOBE and TM prefixes:

0905    0906

0915    0916    0917

0926    0927

0935    0936


0955    0956

0965    0966

0975    0976    0977

0995    0997



Sun numbers

0922    0931    0934    0944
0923    0932    0942
0925    0933    0943

ABS-CBN Mobile:


Cherry Prepaid Cherry Mobile:



Smart and TNT numbers:                   


813      920      949

900      921      950

907      928      951

908      929      970

909      930      971

910      931      980

911      938      981

912      939      989

913      940      992

914      946      998

918      947      999

919      948

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Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+: Official Introduction at Youtube

Release date in the Philippines March 16, 2018.
The revolutionary camera that adapts like the human eye.

Device Model Storage RAM Estimated Retail Price
Galaxy S9 64GB 4GB Php 45,000-50,000
Galaxy S9+ 64GB 6GB Php 51,000-55,000
Galaxy S9+ 128GB 6GB Php 56,000-60,000
Galaxy S9+ 256GB 6GB Php 61,000-75,000

More details of the products features at this link: https://www.samsung.com/ph/smartphones/galaxy-s9/camera/#dual-aperture

Pre-order period will be held from February 27 to March 6, 2018, and customers will be able to get a freebie of their choice
Customer gets the following as part of the pre-order offer:
a) One (1) Exclusive Gift of his choice:
o FREE AKG S30 Bluetooth Speaker,
o FREE Wireless Charger Convertible, or
o FREE Samsung voucher worth P3,500.00
– Voucher may be used on any Samsung mobile product (except the Galaxy S9 or S9+ unit) in the same store on the same day of purchase.
b)Complimentary giveaways:
o Zalora Voucher – 25% off for a min. purchase of P1,500; valid until Dec 31, 2018
o Honestbee Voucher
– P200 off for a min. spend of P599 on food; valid until March 31, 2019
– P500 off for a min. spend of P1,899 on groceries; valid until March 31, 2019
o 6 Months Screen Warranty Voucher
• Valid for a one-time replacement of screen, inclusive of parts only
• Offer applies for cracks and scratches
• May be availed in select Authorized Samsung Service Centers within six (6) months from the date of purchase
• To claim, customer must present the damaged unit for checking, Official Receipt or Proof of Purchase and Warranty Voucher
c) 10% off on one (1) selected wearable:

Wearable Color Original Price Discounted Price
Gear S3 Frontier Dark Gray PhP 16,490.00 PhP 14,841.00
Gear Sport Black PhP 14,990.00 PhP 13,491.00
Gear IconX Black PhP 8,490.00 PhP 7,641.00

For more details on Pre-order Mechanics visit this site : https://www.samsung.com/ph/s9preorder/mechanics/

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River : Eminem

According to the Record Industry Association of America(RIAA), the EMINEM has officially moved more than 100 million song units with 107.5 million song awards and three diamond songs. The increase in units puts him just above singer Taylor Swift, who was 106.5 million units and leaves him below Rihanna with 121 million. With more than 20 years in the industry, Eminem continues to be one of music’s most successful artists and now adds another achievement to his resume.

River : Eminem
I’ve been a liar, been a thief
Been a lover, been a cheat
All my sins need holy water, feel it washing over me
Well, little one, I don’t want to admit to something
If all it’s gonna cause is pain
Truth and my lies right now are falling like the rain
So let the river run
He’s coming home with his next grasp to catch flack
Sweat jackets and dress slacks, mismatched
On his breath’s Jack, he’s a sex addict
And she just wants to exact revenge and get back
It’s a chest match, she’s on his back like a jet-pack
She’s kept track of all his internet chats
And guess who just happens to be moving on to the next
Actually, just shit on my last chick and she has what my ex lacks
‘Cause she loves danger, psychopath
And you don’t fuck with no man’s girl, even I know that
But she devised some plan to stab him in the back
Knife in hand, says the relationship hanging by a strand
So she’s been on the web lately
Says maybe she’ll be my Gwen Stacy, to Spiderman
And I know she’s using me to try to play him, I don’t care
Hi Suzanne, but I shoulda’ said “Bye Suzanne” after the first night, but tonight I am
I’ve been a liar, been a thief
Been a lover, been a cheat
All my sins need holy water, feel it washing over me
Well, little one, I don’t want to admit to something
If all it’s gonna cause is pain
Truth and my lies right now are falling like the rain
So let the river run
One-night stand turned a two-night stand
It was come sunlight, scram
Now we hug tight and
He found out, now she feels deserted and used
‘Cause he left, so what? He did it first to her, too
Now how am I supposed to tell this girl that we’re through?
It’s hard to find the words, I’m aloof, nervous and Sue
Don’t want this to hurt, but what you deserve is the truth
Don’t take it personal, I just can’t say this in person to you
So I revert to the studio, like hole-in-the-wall diners
Don’t have to be reserved in a booth
I just feel like the person who I’m turnin’ into’s
Irreversible, I preyed on you like a church at the pew
And now that I got you, I don’t want you
Took advantage of my thirst to pursue
Why do I do this dirt that I do?
Get on my soapbox and breach, my sermon and speech
Detergent and bleach is burnin’ the wound
‘Cause now with her in the womb
We can’t bring her in this world, shoulda knew
To use protection ‘fore I bit into your forbidden fruit, fuck
I’ve been a liar, been a thief
Been a lover, been a cheat
All my sins need holy water, feel it washing over me
Well, little one, I don’t want to admit to something
If all it’s gonna cause is pain
Truth and my lies now are falling like the rain
So let the river run
My name’s (ooh)
My name’s (ooh)
River (ooh), river run
Call me (ooh)
Call me (ooh)
River (ooh)
We’ll let the river run
Always the bridesmaid, never “The bride, hey!”
What can I say? If life was a highway
And deceit was an enclave
I’d be swerving in five lanes
Speeds at a high rate, like I’m sliding on ice maybe
That’s why I may have came you sideways
I can’t keep my lies straight
But I made you terminate my baby
This love triangle left us in a wreck, tangled
What else can I say? It was fun for a while
Bet I really woulda’ loved your smile
Didn’t really wanna abort
But fuck it, what’s one more lie to tell our unborn child?
I’ve been a liar, been a thief
Been a lover, been a cheat
All my sins need holy water, feel it washing over me
Well, little one, I don’t want to admit to something (I’m sorry, I fucked up)
If all it’s gonna cause is pain
Truth and my lies now are falling like the rain
So let the river run
Songwriters: Marshall Mathers / Edward Christopher Sheeran / Emile Haynie
River lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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Five Sci-Fi Books That Are More Relevant Now Than Ever

There’s an old saying that I’m certain you’ve heard before: “May you live in interesting times.” The phrase is a translation of a Chinese curse, because peace, harmony, all those niceties make for a dull existence. War, unrest, injustice—now that makes for interesting times. It’s like Orson Wells said in his famous speech in Carol […]

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