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▪️Kung nagpo-post sya nang mga rants or hinanakit nya sa buhay, hayaan mo sya kesa ma-depress yan. Kanya-kanya tayo ng outlet sa buhay e. Bakit hindi mo hayaan maglabas nang sama nang loob at least may mga makakausap sya at may matutunan din ang iba. Hindi mo alam ang pinagdadaanan nya.
▪️Kung nagpo-post sila ng masarap na food at kumakain sila hayaan mo sila maging masaya dahil busog sila, e di kumain ka din. Hindi mo alam- baka un lang ang afford nila na pampasaya. 😂😂😂
▪️Kung pala-upload sila nang picture/selfies nila hayaan mo sila kaya nga FACEBOOK NYA UN eh. HINDI nila kasalanan na ayaw mo mag-selfie. HINDI din mentally disturbed at mababaw ang mga nagse-selfie tulad ng paniniwala mo. 😂😂😂😂
▪️Kung nagpo-post sya ng benta nya sa fb, hayaan mo sya, gusto nya mag hanapbuhay-ng marangal kaysa mabaon pa sa utang.
▪️Isa pa kung nag-uupload sila ng mga achievements nila sa buhay hayaan mo na lang. Proud lang sila sa sarili nila wag tayong maiinggit bagkus gawin natin inspirasyon. Be happy for them walang mawawala sayo. At wag mo naman hilingin na PULUTIN SILA SA KANGKUNGAN. 😊
▪️Kung nagsi-share sila ng words of God/ Bible Verses o quotes – hayaan mo sila, hindi ka pinatatamaan, instead they want to encourage and lift you up. And it does not mean na pa-Holy, religious o poetic. Tandaan ang Diyos lang ang nakakaalam kung anong laman ng puso at isipan mo.
I-share mo na lang din para happy.
▪️At kung nakakabili sila ng mga bagay na di mo nabibili pabayaan mo sila pinaghirapan nila yun kaya gusto nila ipagmalaki bagkus gawin mo ulit inspirasyon na kung nabili nila bakit di mo kayang bilhin. At kung kaya mo naman bilhin pero ayaw mo lang i-post-choice mo yan- still pabayaan mo na lang sila sa kaligayahan nila 😊
▪️At kung nakaka-travel sila pabayaan mo baka gusto lang nilang mag unwind para kahit papano mabawasan mga hinanakit nila sa buhay. Makapagliwaliw pantanggal stress and to create happy memories with their family or friends.
▪️At kung nagpo-post sila ng pictures ng happy family , happy couples at happy relationships, pinaghirapan nila to achieve those happiness. Di mo alam pinagdaanan nila sa likod ng bawat happy picture they post. Mga iniyak nila sa bawat ngiti at halakhak.
✔️Sana, wag tayong masyadong pakialamero, apektado o judgmental sa posts ng iba at sa buhay nang ibang tao, para di tayo mag mukhang bitter at inggitera. As long as di ka nila natatapakan o sinasaktan, let them be. Hindi lahat kelangan naaayon sa gusto mo.
✔️At pinaka-importante-HINDI mo yan account, account nila yan.😆
Copy then paste, ni-repost lang din 😊




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WHO’s standard recommendations for the general public to reduce exposure and transmission of a range of illnesses

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” -Stitch in time saves nine”

“FOR NOVEL CORONA VIRUS PREVENTION IS BETTER BECAUSE THERE IS NO CURE” A little precaution before a crisis occurs is preferable to a lot of fixing up afterward.

WHO’s standard recommendations for the general public to reduce exposure to and transmission of a range of illnesses are as follows, which include hand and respiratory hygiene, and safe food practices:

  • Frequently clean hands by using alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water;
  • When coughing and sneezing cover mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue – throw tissue away immediately and wash hands;
  • Avoid close contact with anyone who has fever and cough;
  • If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing seek medical care early and share previous travel history with your health care provider;
  • When visiting live markets in areas currently experiencing cases of novel coronavirus, avoid direct unprotected contact with live animals and surfaces in contact with animals;
  • The consumption of raw or undercooked animal products should be avoided. Raw meat, milk or animal organs should be handled with care, to avoid cross-contamination with uncooked foods, as per good food safety practices.
    • Protect yourself and others from getting sick
Protect yourself and others from getting sick
Protect yourself and others from getting sick

Directly download the high resolution image at this link https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public


During previous outbreaks due to other coronavirus (Middle-East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)), human to human transmission occurred through droplets, contact and fomites, suggesting that the transmission mode of the 2019-nCoV can be similar. The basic principles to reduce the general risk of transmission of acute respiratory infections include the following:

• Avoiding close contact with people suffering from acute respiratory infections.
• Frequent hand-washing, especially after direct contact with ill people or their environment.
• Avoiding unprotected contact with farm or wild animals.
• People with symptoms of acute respiratory infection should practice cough etiquette (maintain distance, cover
coughs and sneezes with disposable tissues or clothing, and wash hands).
• Within healthcare facilities, enhance standard infection prevention and control practices in hospitals, especially in
emergency departments.
WHO does not recommend any specific health measures for travellers. In case of symptoms suggestive of respiratory illness either during or after travel, the travellers are encouraged to seek medical attention and share their travel history with their health care provider. Travel guidance was updated on 24 January.


Directly download the high resolution image at this link https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public

All images credit to WHO

Doctor’s advice about Novel Coronavirus:

1. It is pretty large in size (cell is about 400-500nm diameter), so any normal mask (not just the N95 feature) should be able to filter it out. However, when someone who’s infected sneezes in front of you, it will take a great 3 meters (about 10 feet) before it drops to the ground and is no longer airborne.

2. When the virus drops on metal surface, it will live for at least 12 hours. So remember if you come in contact with any metal surface, wash your hands with soap thoroughly.

3. The virus can remain active on fabric for 6-12 hours. Normal laundry detergent should kill the virus. For winter clothing that does not require daily washing, you can put it out under the sun to kill the virus.

About the symptoms of the pneumonia caused by Coronavirus:

1. It will first infect the throat, so the throat will have the dry sore throat feeling which will last for 3 to 4 days

2. Then the virus will blend into the nasal fluid and drips into the trachea and enter the lungs, causing pneumonia. This process will take 5 to 6 days.

3. With pneumonia, comes high fever and difficulty in breathing. The nasal congestion is not like the normal kind. You will feel like you are drowning in water. It’s important to go seek immediate medical attention if you feel like this.

About prevention:

1. The most common way of getting infected is by touching things in public, so you must wash your hands frequently. The virus can only live on your hands for 5-10 mins, but a lot can happen in those 5-10 mins (you can rub your eyes or pick your nose unwittingly).

2. Aside from washing your hands frequently, you can gargle with strong mouthwash to eliminate or minimize the germs while they are still in your throat (before dripping down to your lungs).

Folks, take extra care and drink plenty of water

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Baluarte-Vigan Ilocos Sur, Philippines

The Baluarte Zoo was established by local politician and businessman, Chavit Singson. Singson, who cites his hunting hobby as his motive in setting up Baluarte only considered opening a zoo when his hunting trophy collection grew too big. He thought that a zoo would serve to edify it, patrons, aside from promoting conservation and protection of endangered species.[1] Described as an interactive wildlife sanctuary, the facility was designed and developed by Singson himself(Wikipedia)

In my recent visit at  “Baluarte” I found out that almost everything, there is free if you opt to skip the shuttle you can walk up to the destinations which are not quite far from each other. The only thing you can’t get into if you’re walking in to see the White Lion/Tiger. You need to pay to see and take a picture with it. Regardless “Baluarte” is a great place to visit with the whole family. Tourist shops sold reasonably priced items and there were many snack shacks around the place. It’s well maintained and the staff is friendly and informative.

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Don’t Allow Your Life To Be Controlled By These 5 Things

“Do you allow yourself to be controlled by coffee? Yes I did. But, I don’t allow my life to be controlled by these 5 things”

Don’t Allow Your Life To Be Controlled By These 5 Things
1. Your Past
2. Other Peoples Opinions
3. Limited Beliefs
4. Relationships
5. Money

A Quote to live by:

1. Your Past-“When you hold on to your history you do so at the expense of your destiny.” ~ T. D. Jakes

2. Other Peoples Opinions-Care about people’s approval, and you will always be their prisoner.– Lao Tzu

3. Limited Beliefs-The Second You Limit Yourself Is The Second You Fail

4. Relationships-develop enough mental strength that you get to a point where you don’t need others to make you happy.

5. Money-“Take a better stand. Put money in my mom’s hand. Get my daughter this college plan, so she don’t need no man.”
— Biggie

Recommended Video:

Speaker: Josiah Ruff

1. Your Past-Release that weight from your back so you can be free. Don’t allow events of the past, which are now gone, to ruin this moment, which is perfect – this moment which is now to enjoy, which is ready for you to LIVE FULLY. Your past does not equal your future.“When you hold on to your history you do so at the expense of your destiny.” ~ T. D. Jakes

2. Other Peoples Opinions-Do not allow other people’s opinions and judgements to control the direction of your life. The need to fit in and feel wanted can cause you to travel down paths you don’t want to travel. People pleasing is a curse that should be avoided at all costs. Before you do anything, ask yourself: Am I doing this because I want to do it?… or because of my fear of judgement from others if I don’t do it.

3. Limited Beliefs- Do not allow your life to be controlled by your own limited beliefs. NOW, a warning with this one. These beliefs may be conscious, but more than likely they will be unconscious. 

They may be unconscious limitations that have been conditioned from a young age and throughout your entire life, by listening to those around you who never reached for their own dream.

 When you have nothing inside holding you back, there is nothing outside that can hold you back either. Your entire life will change the very instant you decide to change your mindset. The instant you decide to see everything as a gift.When you DECIDE to see every circumstance and challenge as a blessing rather than a curse. When you become conscious to the fact that everything is as it should be, and fighting WHAT IS, is insane.

4. Relationships-Relationships. A touchy subject. But, if you are always needing another to be happy, to feel complete, then you are always one moment away from a breakdown if that person leaves, or unhappiness if the relationship is not going well.

I am not suggesting to avoid relationships. There is no force on this earth greater than LOVE and connection. I am talking about those who can’t LIVE if they aren’t in a relationship. Those who will be with just about anyone, including all the wrong ones, just to avoid spending a moment being single.

What I AM saying, is to develop enough mental strength that you get to a point where you don’t need others to make you happy.You are just as happy being alone, as you are in a relationship.

5. Money-This is what controls the majority of humans on the planet. Can you guess what it is?…MONEY!

This does not mean you shouldn’t want abundance. It doesn’t mean money is evil. You know as well as I do what great things you can do, and people you can help with money. What this means is, do not allow your decisions to be controlled by money.

If you are choosing something ONLY on the factor of how much money is involved, you’ve just made the wrong decision. What you will find, is that when you follow your heart, and you lead with your intention to SERVE others, to give your best to others – EVERY SINGLE TIME, when you follow your intuition and truly GIVE from your soul – then, the money will come, and it will come in far greater amounts than if you simply chase money for the sake of chasing money.

So, challenge yourself to live the life you want to live. Free from being controlled by ANYTHING. Find your freedom. LIVE FULLY!

Words to live by:

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; but remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.- Epicurus