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This blog is intended for the general public. And its objectives are as follows:

Self-Assessment – Because of the ongoing feedback mechanism, blogging can help you develop a more honest self-assessment.  Every day I read a mixture of praise, criticism, personal stories, and questions.  Sometimes it comes via private email, other times people post their reactions on their own blogs, and occasionally I receive comments on Facebook.  This feedback greatly enhances my own self-assessment and allows me to see gaps that I may have otherwise missed.  This has helped me shed parts of my personality that were a little too artificial or socially conditioned and replace them with more openness and authenticity.  The most important measure for me is effectiveness — am I actually helping people grow or not?  I’ve learned a great deal about how I need to continue growing in order to become better at helping others.

Giving Hope – Blogging can give others hope.  Often times when people read one of my articles, they see a part of themselves reflected back to them, a part they may not have connected with for a long time.  By finding someone else who experienced similar challenges, they realize they’re not alone.  And this gives them the hope and strength to grow even through the most difficult times.

Motivation – Helping others can be a stronger motivation than helping just yourself.  It certainly has been for me. Since I started this blog, my motivation has skyrocketed.  I’ve never felt more motivated in my life.  While I’ve been consciously working on my own personal development for about 6 years now, I work noticeably harder when others are involved.  And the main reason isn’t the accountability factor as you might suspect – I still work harder even on goals that I don’t post publicly (so there’s no immediate public accountability).  The real reason is that I know that if I succeed at something, I can share that experience with others via this blog or on some of my other blogs that do not bear my name-so that I could still  reap the reward I expect from heaven, so I’m seldom working on a goal just for myself anymore.  Even my private challenges today have the potential to someday be shared.  Whenever I work on a goal now, I’m thinking in the back of my mind about how I might share my experience with others at some point down the road.  This is extremely motivating.  Consider how much harder you might work on your goals if you knew that thousands of other people could benefit from your experience….

Transforming Existing Relationships – While it may seem obvious that blogging is great for building online friendships and networking, what surprised me was that it also strengthened and transformed my offline relationships.  When I started my computer business, my family and friends rarely see me.  But family and friends do read my blog now and then.  The people who know us well are often the toughest to please.  When I’m blogging it’s not just for an online audience, It’s also for the people I already know.  It has even transformed my marriage for the better since my wife reads my blog I felt more motivated and inspired.

Self-Esteem – Using a blog to help others builds self-esteem.  I think self-esteem is more a matter of degree than of essence — even when it seems high, it can always be improved.  Imagine what it would feel like to receive dozens of emails every day from people telling you how you’ve helped them experience a personal breakthrough and thanking you for it.  That’s become my daily reality.  Even with the criticism to balance it out, it’s hard to feel down or depressed in such a situation.  Reader feedback constitutes a daily dose of encouragement.

Hobbies:Part of my hobbies are taking pic so this may also considered as a photo blogging that showcases peoples, places, events in Central Luzon.

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