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If we were having a coffee, I’d be holding mine tightly in my hands for warmth

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Just a Note: Hello, if we were having a coffee, I’d be holding mine tightly in my hands for warmth. I am imagining and got scared after someone shadow on the side of my eye and thought there was someone loitering outside of my office.

Maybe my memory is just going haywire. The last few weeks I’ve been thinking that I really need to make notes for these posts and I know for certain that something worth talking/thinking about what happened on Monday (Feb 26, 2018).  I just can’t remember what it was. Looking back, I’m not sure that it was one of the most exciting weeks.  I think I did something fun, It’s was my 22nd Wedding Anniversary I did spend my whole day with my wife, but I can’t remember that either, I wish I did forget what happen on that day, Teddy a friend of mine told me that he will take a leave on February 28 but he takes his  leave on earth 2 days earlier  on  February 26 it was an unfortunate day for the family of my friend he passed away and maybe that’s the reason, that I’ve been very sensitive on my relations with my family and friends. ” Countless times it takes a death to make a person truly appreciate someone important to them. Why is it that our lives are so busy that we don’t take a moment to truly recognize all that we value? Why is it that we always wish we could tell someone gone too soon that we care for them, just one last time? We need to start telling those we love/care how much we cherish them before it’s too late. We must stop waiting for something horrible to happen in order to hold those we love/care a little closer. Each and every day, all of us have our own little world that takes tending to. We have school, deadlines,  work, bills to pay, cars to fix and lots of list of things to do. All these things, while necessary, distract us from appreciating those who care. Appreciate those who matter to you, now – not when they’re gone. Live in the moment because you’re not guaranteed tomorrow. Before you know it you can truly lose it all. So, forgive easily, hug often, say “I care for you and or I love you,” and live for today

Words to live by :

  1. Some things are meant to happen, just not meant to be. Some things are meant to come into your life, just not meant to stay. – Trent Shelton
  2. Always be thankful. Life could be worse.- Unknown
  3. The past cannot be changed, forgotten, edited or erased; it can only be accepted.- Unknown


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