Plan Ahead

External validation doesn’t pay off, enjoying the process does.

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In my 40s, I was always waiting for my big break. I used to see others’ success and was convinced (without a doubt) that that made them happy. Now, I feel myself running away from hype and hustle. I feel strong standing on the ground underneath me.
I read somewhere in the web, on how to be stayed motivated, inspired and content while painting the same type of art over and over. The painter said that the process of painting had to be meaningful. The actual daily experience was a priority; not the selling or sharing or finishing. It’s something that has stuck with me and when I feel a restlessness, I think back to that insight.
Dana Tanamachi, says “Live a quiet life and work with your hands” and this is something that I’ve come to understand. In this very quiet and humbling phase of my life, I look back to my 20’s and remember my thirst for recognition. I feel content looking into my 30’s with a desire to help people and just enjoying the process.
I don’t have everything figured out but I knew I needed to share this. While I’m still learning, understanding and failing myself, I hope that you feel a little less alone after reading this.
And to my friend (Teddy Delos Santos) – who just passed away – I hope you know that you’re one of the few people on earth that reminded me of how smart and strong I am. I will constantly think back to your words of encouragement after I landed on my current job. You said, “Your work ethic, ability and attitude are the things that got you to this point.”

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