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“Meralco Appliance Calculator” (MAC)

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To help all consumers to know the cost of operating their home appliances, MERALCO has launched the “Meralco Appliance Calculator” (MAC)
The goal of the MAC is to help residential consumers:
Better manage their electric consumption and their electricity bill
Make wiser decisions in choosing home appliances
Get home energy efficiency tips tailored to there respective usage pattern
The MAC is divided into two(2) parts, the “My Appliance Calculator” and the “My Bill Manager”
1. My Appliance Calculator allows you to know the estimated cost of operating your individual home appliances
2. My Bill Manager allows you to know the estimated energy cost contribution of your home appliances to your total household energy cost
Meralco MAC
You can find the apps on this link: http://apps.meralco.com.ph/appcal/

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