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BUSINESS AND ACTION PLAN of ATCF Executive Summary Example

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The executive summary of the business plan purpose is to provide the overview of your business plan. Usually it is an introduction to your business. So the business plan’s executive summary usually  include the summaries of the following:

  1. The business’s management team
  2.  The description of your company, including your products and/or services
  3. The market and your customer
  4.  The business’s operations
  5. Brief financial projections and plans

BUSINESS AND ACTION PLAN –Advanced Tech Consulting Firm (ATCF)



ATCF is owned and operated by JeckJim Partners. ATCF’s competitive edge consists of their unusual ability to explain or teach complex technical issues to clients of all computing abilities. The ability to translate complex “computerease” into basic English is an unusual and desired skill. This competitive edge allows ATCF to empower clients with new knowledge, making them feel significantly more comfortable in the computing environment where they now interact in so many activities.

Advanced Tech Consulting Firm (ATCF) is an IT  consulting firm whose target customers consist all Organization, Private or Government run Company. The consumer/client will be served by a comprehensive services that offers computer education/empowerment as well as problem resolution.

Advanced Tech will offer web design, application development, software integration and offshore outsourcing services. The business approach combines the most strategic aspects of both onshore and offshore models providing our clients with the highest quality projects at significantly reduced costs. Windows OS, Linux(Ubuntu,Fedora etc..)  as well as Macintosh OS can be supported . ATCF offers computer consulting for software such as the Office Suite, Oracle and other database applications, Internet technology software, and CD-RW software.

Hardware issues that are addressed are the setup of WAN, MAN, LAN networks, wireless (WI-FI) networks, peripherals, hardware repair/replacement, and all issues relating to network connectivity.

Using available funds from JeckJim PARTNERS, the company will initially acquire the following

  1. Medium airconditioned office located somewhere in Ortigas, Pasig, or in the vicinity of Mandaluyong.
  2.  1 Technical Secretary.
  3. 1 Technical Engineer
  4.  1 Technical Draftsman
  5. 1 Sales Engineer
  6. 1 Server Computer and 4 Desktop Computers and 1 Laptop.
  7.  3 Mbps up of internet connection
  8.  1 landline telephone and 2 cell phones
  9.  A big couch to sleep and work with.
  10.  Cash Flow of not less than 500,000.00.

ATCF will rapidly gain market share by offering needed services, outstanding customer service, and reasonable prices. ATCF projects earnings of Php 2,000,000.00 in one year time.

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