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BUSINESS AND ACTION PLAN – Marketing Strategy Sample

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BUSINESS AND ACTION PLAN of ATCF  – Marketing Strategy

ATCF will employ several programs within their marketing strategy. All of the programs will have the goal of getting the largest bang for the buck as the marketing budget is fairly limited, but a necessary expenditure. ATCF will employ advertisements in two local newspapers, as well as provide free seminar workshops as a method of networking. The last element of the marketing strategy will be the use of a robust website that will catalog all of the different services offered by Advanced Tech and the word of mouth from satisfied clientele.

We will first target the corporate offices of franchises with more than 100 units, and companies with forces in excess of 100 personnel. Our partners (the software manufacturer) will provide the names and contact information for several firms which fit this profile. These firms have approached the software manufacturer about enterprise solutions in the past. These software firm has also provided a list of larger businesses that purchased an executive version of their desktop product. We will contact these firms with the idea of helping them take this planning tool to the next level.

The following strategy shall be employed by the company, to wit:


  • Make a marketing plan to ensure the feasibility of the services;
  • Benchmarking through a comparative analysis of other consulting firm how much they charge, salaries for staff, and other details so that we can peg charges within market standards;
  • Recruiting the best staff to run the programs;
  • Employ strategies technology to achieve objectives and goals;
  • Be the market leader in the IT CONSULTING sector.


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