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Developing Courage to Improve your Personal Life

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Author: Jaime Menor Jr.

I remember my son favorite cartoon when he’s still a toddler. Courage the cowardly dog!!!
courage photo: corage Copiadestrike07_CourageTheCowardly.jpg
Courage the Cowardly Dog follows a dog named Courage, an easily frightened canine who lives in a farmhouse with Muriel and Eustace Bagge near the fictional town of Nowhere, Kansas(in the middle of nowhere). Abandoned as a puppy, Courage was adopted by Muriel Bagge (a sweet-natured Scottish woman), and her husband Eustace (a grumpy, greedy farmer who enjoys scaring Courage with a large, bright green, bug-eyed mask). Although most of the creatures that the three face are frightening or disturbing, some turn out to be sweet or simply in distress. Actually it’s a wrong perception to call the dog coward.  Courage the Cowardly Dog or the timid dog always find ways to defend his owners Eustace and Muriel from monsters, ghosts and aliens.

Now how about you? Do you have enough courage to  develop your courage? Or I should ask, Do you really need to develop your courage? Or you may throw me a question of Why I should develop my courage? Well, I advise you to continue reading  you might answer your own question along the way.

Here are some points why do we really need to develop courage.

1. When you develop courage, you start to improve your personal life. Developing courage will help you take risks to a brighter future that you ordinarily would not take. When you develop courage, you put fear behind you.  Courage is the process of admitting that you have fears, yet you are willing to find a way to defeat those fears and not allow these fears to take control of you. It is ok to experience your fears at appropriate times. For instance, if a bus is heading in your path, swerving you have a right to fear. There is nothing wrong with healthy fear. The problem is you have to put healthy fear in its place and unhealthy fear out of your life.

2. Once you develop courage, you will learn to self-direct your life. You will learn to accept punishment and rewards gracefully. A courageous person will often feel motivated to accept blame and responsibility while reviewing their actions and using what they learn to move forward. Courageous people will step to the front, rather than stepping back when opportunities come their way. On the other hand, a courageous person will step back and take a view at his or her mistakes gracefully.

courage photo: Courage Photo0152.jpg

3. Sometimes the courageous person is spontaneous. It is never good to plan each day, because no one knows what the next day will bring in. Think about it. How many times have you planned something all to see it shatter in your face the next day. For instance, I plan to go to the ballgame tomorrow. Come tomorrow a blizzard, hurricane, tornado, wind storm, or rainstorm could change your mind. You planned, but did you plan for the weather. Did you make a backup plan in case your first plan failed. As you can see, planning is not always in your favor, which is why courageous people are sometimes spontaneous.  A person willing to improve their life will relax. This person will relax even when plans fail. For instance, if it stormed the next day the person will find something else to occupy his or her time and feel just as happy about joining this adventure.  To become successful and improve your life you will need to learn how to trust yourself. When you trust yourself, you can trust others as well. Unfortunately, we live in a world where trust is hard to find, yet when you trust yourself, you can’t blame others when things go wrong. Improving your life includes using your creative, critical mind by courageous deed. When you can create new ideas, you are off to the road to success. You have many options in this world, it takes you to pull up resources to find those options. Sometimes in life, we feel uncomfortable. In fact, this is common. Are you willing to accept your discomforts? Perhaps at an interview you feel misplaced. Are you willing to accept this discomfort and find a way to deliver a good speech to impress the interviewer,  then you are courageous enough to accept any challenges.


Do you accept?

Do you accept the things you cannot change? Do you accept the things you have control over? Do you accept other people regardless of how these people act? Do you accept yourself  the way you are? Do you accept the changes that life brings your way?

Acceptance maybe the key to happiness but it is also the  key in developing your courage. When you  learn to accept the good & the bad things around you, and  your strengths & weaknesses,  you will start to learn how to develop your courage that will lead to an improve personal life. If you cannot accept those things that you need to accept,  reread this article again.

Words to live by:

The Bible has mention lot of people with courageous deed. What does courage look like for your life? Are you needing some strength and courage from God?  Read these two great Bible verses about courage.

And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” — Matthew 10:28

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” –2 Timothy 1:7

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