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Why Social Media Marketing?

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Author:Jaime H. Menor Jr.

Why Social Media Marketing? The answer is very simple: It’s About Time to Go Social. Organization need to change their marketing strategies to incorporate new forms of technology and leverage trends for business growth.  If you’re wondering if social media marketing is right for your business, OF COURSE SOCIAL MEDIA is for everyone, because it’s a great way to drive repeat business and to attract new customers. Everybody knows that even the smallest business nowadays have adopted social media into their campaigns in order to reach a broader audience and better connect with clients.  Come to think of it, if you’re a business owner, chances are you’ve already considered using social media to help get the word out about your business.  As more interest is shown in these platforms, it will be crucial to develop a marketing plan that will use social networks effectively and maximize potential benefits.  So I have here three (3) reasons why social media marketing is needed to be incorporated in your marketing plan.

  1. Social Media are everywhere.

Data released by one of the world’s largest research companies GfK showed that smartphone take-up rate in the Philippines reached to more than 146 percent, faster than Thailand’s 140 percent, Vietnam’s 118 percent and Indonesia’s 30 percent.  The benefit of the increased presence of mobile activity in our daily lives is huge for small businesses. Every major social network (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Kakaotalk, Wechat, Instagrams etc.) offer free mobile apps that let business owner manage their presence on-the-go. Smartphone users and more and more businesses are offering mobile-friendly experiences by providing free apps, these apps let customers connect to their favorite sites wherever they are. For a site like Facebook, Twitter, 60% of its users is in my estimate connected via their smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices. These users aren’t just sharing updates from their daily activities, they are also searching for businesses, products, and services, and connecting with brands through their social channels. If your business is running late when it comes to making your content “mobile-friendly,” social media can be an easy and cost-effective first step to marketing in the digital age. Plus, it can improve the chances of your business getting found when someone is searching for a place to eat or a product to buy, while on-the-go

  1. Social Media create Customer Engagement

Social media is perfect for customer engagement, providing customer service is likely already a top priority for all l business, with the two-way communication that social media provides, it also offers a unique opportunity to step up your customer service game and provide instant gratification to your target audience. This will allow you to showcase just how much you care about providing a memorable experience and will ensure that no customer inquiry goes unnoticed. And by monitoring social media for customer feedback and offering a response, you can drive real business results. Customer service through social media is quickly becoming an expectation of consumers. If customers are already searching for you on Facebook and not finding your business—you may be missing opportunities to win new customers.


  1. Social media sites are free

As the saying goes “The best things in life are free” There is a catch in that when we talk of Social Media Site.  Because getting started on social media is completely free Facebook,  Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn offer free accounts to users and businesses and signing up won’t require anything more than an email address or cell phone number.  They do offer additional services or premium accounts with features that are targeted at more advanced users, but for the purposes of getting started, there’s no upfront cost for most of them.


Words to ponder:

“Social networking websites allow individuals to interact with one another and build relationships. It has become a platform that is easily accessible to anyone with internet access. For organizations it fosters customer engagement through increased communication.” ~Jhmenor~

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