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Improve your Personal Life by Living in Reality

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2013 coastal clean-up

In  reality Mother Earth needs our help!!!


Do you remember the film “MATRIX” on which a computer hacker named  ”Neo” learns from mysterious rebels about the true nature of reality and his role in the war against its controllers. It depicts a fictional community in the future in which reality as perceived by most humans is actually a simulated reality or cyberspace called “the Matrix”, created by a machines with the ability to feel, perceive, or be conscious, or to have subjective experiences to pacify and subdue the human population, while their bodies’ heat and electrical activity are used as an energy source.  “Neo” learns this truth and there were the story goes, he rebel against the machines, which involves other people who have been freed from the “dream world”.

Reality is about you everywhere you go. When you try to escape reality, you only hinder yourself from growing. Your qualities within are hindered as well, since you will find it hard to develop new skills, new ideas and so on that helps you grow.

In the world, we are surrounded by poverty, crime, poor conditions, war, hate, and so on. The elements of life combine to pull each of us down. It is up to us to defeat these ongoing battles and obstacles that get in our way. The way we do this is to face reality head on.

It is ok to fantasize about good things occasionally. It is not ok to sit all day dreaming about things you will never accomplish. If you have realistic dreams, you will set realistic goals that lead you to success regardless of the condition around you.


How it works:

Each day when you wake, plan to do something different. Plan to try something new. If you live each day eating junk food, plan to eat healthy food for the day. Each day you wake up plan to eat healthier. As you learn new habits, you will see a difference in your health. In addition, if you drink an alcohol beverage in the morning, plan to wait until evening to drink.

You have a wide array of options. In addition, most of us have the right to make our own choices. Make your choices good. Each day you wake up think about the consequences of your decisions to see if it is worth a go. If you see that the consequences will hinder you, take a step back and review your situation further. You can reach for the moon and find new stars by brainstorming your mind.

In addition, you can use helpful tools such as role-playing or self-talk to develop new ideas. The steps you take to open new doors, is the next step to improving your personal life.

If you have children and these kids seem to get you, down. For instance, if the school is calling daily, biting your child for something he/she did, take action now. If you take the steps to eliminate the problem, it will only make your life better.

Are you in a relationship that seems to go nowhere? Step back and review your situation. What can you do to make your relationship better? Is your mate stubborn? Can you do something different to lighten his behaviors? Conduct is a great role model that inspires others to change. In addition, you can open the line of communication. Discuss issues with your mate when the mood is right. Try to avoid arguing. Pay attention to your mate and allow him or her to speak their mind. If you leave the doors to communication open, it will help you and your mate grow.

Do you spend more time at work than you should?

If you have a family, kids included and work a 12 hour shift, you should re-consider your goals. If you are not spending quality time with your family, in time your family will drift apart. If possible, reconsider your career. Is there another job you can take on that gives you the same benefits as your current job? You have many job opportunities available.

You can go online to check out the job sites to look for positions. You have opportunities to work at home nowadays. If you have, writing skills try considering freelance jobs. You have many choices, so spread your wings to find your options.

Quotes to live by:

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. Colin Powell

Words to live by:

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things -Philippians 4:8  ESV


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