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9 fruits that promotes beautiful skin

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Author: Muhammad Umar
9 fruits that promotes health and beauty skin

food for thought… fruits is beautiful skin’s best friend
health and beauty
Fruit has always been friendly to skin beauty and slimming, not only taken orally, but also topical, especially in the summer, to the glass of freshly squeezed fruit juices, cool thirst-quenching, Relieves summer heat and beauty, cheap, it is a rare beauty that here, put some of the most popular fruit to bring together we can work together to do fruit beauty.
health and beauty
1. papaya

Papaya has a whitening, breast enhancement and other cosmetic effects. Both raw food can also be cooked. But if you are directed at breast from papaya, then the effect of cooked food would be much better than raw food Oh, you can use fresh papaya stew or steamed papaya and honey are a good choice.

2. kiwi

Kiwifruit contains quite rich in vitamins, pectin, acid and so on, you can add nutrients to the skin to prevent black spot, white skin is more delicate, while kiwifruit also lower cholesterol, helping digestion efficiency.

3. Grapefruit
health and beauty
Grapefruit is rich in antioxidant vitamin C, as well as a large number of elements, even more commendable is that grapefruit contains a very low heat, each only about 60 cards, it is also a good helper to lose weight, according to a study by the United States surfaces, if the normal three meals a day be able to eat half a grapefruit, weight loss will be very good. Of course, eating half a grapefruit at once if they feel it does not work, then the effect of drinking grapefruit juice is quite satisfactory.

4. lemon

Beauty efficacy of lemon is also quite rich, can inhibit the spots, whitening skin, the skin can also be compact, so that the skin smooth lubrication, of course, the effect of weight loss is also significant.

5. banana

Banana is good for cleaning rectum, and insist to eat 12 bananas a day to ensure the normal bowel, which helps expel toxins, healthy glow from the inside out beauty. In addition, the modulation with bananas and honey facial mask, with a whitening effect.

6. Apple

Apple is our familiar fruit, and it’s very good health care function, while the effectiveness of its beauty let us rejoicing, eating apples can help us to discharge the intestinal tract of lead, mercury, manganese, beryllium and other toxins, In addition, the If you keep eating apples every day eating habits, you can make your skin glow and shiny.

7. Strawberry

Strawberry is rich in vitamin C, regular consumption of strawberries make the skin delicate and flexible, in addition to strawberries, which contain active substances have a high anti-cancer effect.

8. dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is rich in nutrition, is a low-calorie high-fiber fruits, so won the love of human diet, In addition, the dragon fruit is also very effective prevention and treatment of constipation.
health and beauty
9. Cherry

Cherry iron-rich and therefore have to promote regeneration of hemoglobin function, can be prevented by iron-deficiency anemia, also, Cherry ruddy skin whitening can also eliminate dark spots. But the great should be noted that Cherry should not be eaten, it is because more cherry than iron, coupled with a certain amount of cyanogen glycosides, so if eating too much can cause iron poisoning or hydroxide poisoning.

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