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How To Control Frustration

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How To Control Frustration

Author: Susitha Reddy

Frustration is a feeling of powerlessness and helplessness when something goes wrong in our lives or when we the result of a certain action does not meet our expectation.

Frustration causes people to be angry and rude. It damages relationship and harms ones health.

Frustration if left uncorrected can spiral into negative events like accidents or impulsive decisions like quitting a job. It could also damage a marriage or a relationship.

Using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to Overcome Frustration.
Our body consists of meridians which carry the energy through out our body. We can think of the meridians like rivers along which the electricity in our body flows. This flow has been called many other names such as, chi, prana, life force, electromagnetic, electrical or just energy.

When you are experiencing a negative emotions like frustration, the energy in your meridians is blocked. By tapping on the meridian end points the blocked and stuck energy gets released and causes an immediate relief. You feel the relief because the energy flow is restored to normal by the EFT tapping.

How to avoid frustration

1) Set goals based on your desires and passions not what others want from you.

2) Learn to be kind to yourself

3) Identify if you are constantly feeling like a victim. When we believe that we are victims we operate from powerlessness. Heal past pain that has caused you to believe you are a victim.

We attract our reality based on our emotions and beliefs. If you want your circumstances to change you have to heal and change your emotions.

4) Visualize your goal very morning. This allows your thoughts ane emotions to remain focussed on what you want and what you can achieve. It also helps you to start the day with positive vibrations.

5) Be patient. The universe in its divine intelligence will manifest your desire. Do your best and then let go.

6) Do you want to control everything? And when things don’t go your way do you get frustrated? Release the need to control everything and enjoy life. Do your best and then surrender to the divine.

7) Need for perfection. Heal the need for perfection. The need for perfection takes away the peace from ones life.

8) Understand that life has challenges. The challenge seems bigger when you are overwhelmed with negative emotions. The same challenge will appear different when you approach it with a calm and trusting attitude.

9) Competition is good only when it is at a healthy level. Are you constantly comparing your work with another person? You are a unique and divine child of god, realize this and cherish your potential.

Make a conscious decision to stop playing victim to circumstances. Take action to heal and empower yourself so that you can take responsibility for the situation and overcome the challenge. Take action now to heal negative emotions and embrace personal power.

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About the Author

Susitha Reddy is an Advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Law of Attraction Practitioner and specializes in applying EFT to clear blocks to Abundance. To receive a free audio on healing frustration subscribe to her newsletter at Inner Heaven
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