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Best Natural Facial Skin Care Urdu

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Best Natural Facial Skin Care Urdu

Author: Nabeela G

Your facial skin is much more sensitive than the skin of any other parts of the body. Elements like dust, grime, chemicals, sunlight causes harm to the facial skin and make it dull and lifeless very easily. If it is not taken care of then such exposures lead to various skin problems like acne, blemishes, wrinkles. So, if you have to take a little bit of extra care to keep it healthy and glowing. When it comes to facial skin care, there are a wide range of skin care products available in the market. However, they have chemical components which when used frequently often lead to skin complications. Some people have so sensitive skin that if they use any chemical based products, then their skin get irritated. For all these reasons, people prefer natural facial skin care urdu.

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Natural Facial Skin Care Tips

The basics of a facial skin care regime is skin cleansing, exfoliating, toning, moisturizing, sun protection and treatment of the skin blemishes. Here are a few simple natural skin care tips that can be helpful for maintaining a healthy flawless facial skin.

Tips #1: You should wash your face twice a day, morning and evening. This will remove dirt, debris and makeup from your facial skin and keep it clean. Instead of soap, you can use honey as a natural face cleanser. Apply the honey and massage it gently for few minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water. Do not use hot or cold water for washing your face.

Tips #2: Skin exfoliation is important for the removal of dead skin cells. Regular exfoliation can keep appearance of fine lines and wrinkles at bay. This is possible because when old skin is scrubbed out the underlying skin is revealed which is smooth and supple. You can prepare a natural facial scrub by mixing up coffee ground and olive oil. When you exfoliate skin naturally, do not rub your face vigorously as it can cause skin damage. Frequent scrubbing is not good for your skin. Use it three times in a week.

Tips #3: After cleansing your face, you must use a skin toner. It helps in removal of any residues left behind in the cleansing process. Another benefit of skin toning is that tighten up the facial pores that may have opened up while cleaning your face. You can use a homemade skin toner made up of 50 ml of rose water 100 ml of glycerin and half teaspoon of alum. Fresh mint leaves boiled in water can also serves as an excellent skin toner.

Tips #4: The final step of natural face care is moisturizing. This will enable the skin to hold moisture and keep it soft and supple. Thus you can get a healthy glow on your skin. Natural oils like olive oil and almond oil have excellent moisturizing qualities and can be used as natural face moisturizers. After washing your face, pat dry your skin with a soft towel but do not rub. Then apply the oil when the skin is still in wet condition. To protect your facial skin from harmful radiation of the sun, you must use a sunscreen lotion during the daytime. There are sunscreen lotions with natural ingredients available in the market and are safe for your skin. You must use one of them round the year.

Tips #5: After an excessive sun exposure, your facial skin tend to get darkened and is dry and rough to touch. To cool down the sunburned skin, you can apply a thick paste made of turmeric powder and orange juice. Keep it for 20 minutes and then rinse off with cold water. You can also get a soothing sensation by applying fresh aloe vera gel on the skin.

Tips #6: Blackheads, acne, dark acne scars are other major skin problems that make your face look dull. To get rid of blackheads, you have to use some natural facial skin care tools like blackhead extractor or pore strips. Acne is best treated with sandalwood powder and rose water paste. This will reduce the size of acne in no time. Any skin blemishes including acne scars can be removed with the help of a mixture prepared with rose water, lime juice and glycerin. It should be applied regularly before going to bed.

Tips #7: For a wrinkle free skin care, the combination of avocado and almond oil is excellent. To prepare this natural skin care recipe, mash a few slices of avocado to make a paste and put some almond oil into it. It should be applied as a face mask and washed off after 15 minutes. Vitamins present in avocado and almond oil bring about marked improvement on the signs of aging.

Your natural skin care regime should be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle. For this, eat right kind of foods for healthy skin, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly and keep yourself stress free. There is not much difference in natural facial skin care for men and women. As far as natural facial skin care products for men is concerned, there are after shave lotions and facial creams for men that have natural ingredients like aloe vera, citrus fruits and flowers, etc. in them. Such skin care products do not have any toxic substance and are safe for their skin.

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