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Top Causes Of Pimples, And How To Effectively Treat Them

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Author: James A. Livingston

Pimples can be quite annoying, and too often appear at the most inopportune times – right before a big date, job interview, or other special occassion. The causes of pimples are very similar to what causes acne. As you do your research, you’ll discover that acne causes and treatment options are almost exactly the same as those for pimples. The primary difference is that acne is most likely to occur during adolescence, while pimples can occur at any point in your life with the right triggers.

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How A Pimple Is Born

Pimples appear when dead skin cells and bacteria accumulate in the skin pores and cause them to be clogged. You may be surprised to learn the bacteria lives in your skin. Where this is a problem is when this bacteria finds its way into the skin pores and an infection results. The infection manifests itself as red bumps, which can become full of pus. The build-up of dead skin cells due to excess sebum production, and insufficient hygiene can also lead to pimple breakouts. Not cleansing your skin correctly can cause pimples because it allows for the accumulation of sebum, dead skin cells and other dirt. Conversely, cleaning your skin too frequently can cause dryness and stimulate more production of sebum, which can also cause pimples. It’s recommended that you wash your face twice daily, and avoid touching your face with unclean hands.  

Other likely causes of pimples include changes in your immune system that cause your defenses to be lowered, and therefore, make you more susceptible to infections. Illness, stress, and hormonal changes can make your immune system more susceptible to pimple breakouts. High levels of stress can lead to a number of health concerns. Relieving and managing stress may not be easy, but it is truly essential to your health.

Women frequently notice that they get pimples right before their monthly period, which helps to explain how hormonal changes can cause pimples. This is pretty easy to manage, since the pimples usually disappear in after a few short days. If the pimple breakout bothers the woman, she may try to anticipate the next occurrence and keep her skin extra clean and free of sebum right before her next period.

While not all causes of pimples are the same for everybody, these are the most common causes, as are the treatments methods discussed. Learn more by reading the articles below.

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