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Brain Training Games – Do they work?

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Brain Training Games – Do they work?

Author: Martin Reid

Brain Training is becoming a huge industry and increasingly popular, especially with the help of consoles and games aimed at Brain Training such as the Nintendo DS and it’s range of games.  Some people opt for other methods such as the games you find in most newspapers or online Brain Training sites.


However, the jury still seems to be out on whether Brain Training works and how effective it is.  A popular rule for keeping our brains healthy seems to be ‘use it or lose it’.  Makes sense right?  Have you or a relative ever been in hospital for a long period of time, unable to get out of bed?  When they’re back to health and it’s time to start walking again, it’s not just a case of jumping out of bed and going for a stroll is it?  Why?  Because those legs haven’t been used for some time and have become weak.  Now, think of this in relation to your brain.  If you never have to remember anything, your brain probably won’t hold things in store as well as someone who has to remember things on a regular basis, right? 


The question over Brain Training seems to be, can the training transfer over into real everyday tasks?  It is thought more scientific studies are needed before this can be proved but I think the general opinion is yes, of course it can help.  Ok, so maybe it depends on what type of Brain Training you’re opting for but if you can train things such as your memory, reactions, vocabulary or general knowledge, then surely as with many types of training, this will transfer to many everyday tasks.


In fact there have been some studies that prove Brain Training can improve your brain skills but the jury still want more.  Hopefully this will be done soon, but in the mean time I think I’ll still be flicking through to ‘that’ page in the paper and using a bit of spare time on my Nintendo DSi.


I have seen the effects of Alzheimer’s and when it’s someone you love it’s heartbreaking.  Ok, I’m not saying a Nintendo DS is the cure to Alzheimer’s but it could have a major impact on the development of this disease, other brain diseases or other memory problems.  If I can get the most out my brain for as long as possible and maybe even delay the age at which my mind or memory starts to fade, and maybe improve my brain in the process, then I’m all for trying Brain Training… and let’s face it, most of it’s fun anyway, and I’m all for fun.


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