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Lychees and Longans. Interesting Facts on the Mysterious Fruits of Asia

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Author: Dinah Jackson

The first thing I have to say about these three similar fruits is that rambutans are quite bizarre, reddish in color and covered with coarse, long hairs. They look like strange spiky balls and are fun to hold and roll around in your hand. Dragon eyes (also called longan) are yellowish-brown balls and with a bit of imagination do indeed look like dragon eyes (that’s a lot of dragons to slay for one serving).

Lychees are the best known of three related fruits as their range is the widest. While all three are ball shaped, a bit smaller than a golf ball, lychees are red and have the bumpiest skin. All three are easily peeled and the inside reveals a translucent, sweet ball of flesh with one large black seed inside. Needless to say, these are fun fruit and great to sit around and snack on while chatting.

The first time I had rambutan I had high hopes. These soft spiky balls of fruit were amongst the most peculiar I had seen up to that time, and after all something that showy must contain something great I thought. When I peeled my first one open and saw the flesh glistening inside, I just knew I was in for a treat.

And don’t get me wrong; rambutans are fine and a perfectly respectable member of the trio. But I hadn’t counted on the fact that I had already had fresh lychee in season in Hong Kong just a week before, and it is my opinion that of the three, lychee is the most delicious, especially when fresh. It is juicer, sweeter, and more fragrant and complex a fruit than the other two. So I was disappointed by my first rambutan, which was kind of like a lychee, but dry and bland in comparison. I’ve gotten over it though, and just as a parent must learn to love all his children equally; I’ve opened myself to the good points and charms of the rambutan. As for the dragon eyes, they’re great too – quite sweet with a flavor distinct to their own kind. Try all three or mix and match – this is one of nature’s funnest fruit groups.

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