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Valentine Flowers: The Best Valentine Gift?

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Author: Surajitsen Sharma

Valentine flowers are the best valentine gifts you can send to your Valentine. Flowers have been linked with love and romance from time immemorial. Even in Shakespeare’s famous play Romeo and Juliet, immortalized in romantic literature, we find the mention of flowers. The famous line “what’s in a name? That which is called Rose…” is still cited to emphasize that the real merit of anything is more significant than its name or title. To denote love and passion, the rose is unparallel and Valentine’s Day, the day for the festival of love, is unimaginable without Valentine flowers.

Valentine flowers have, over the centuries, recognized a language of their own, and different colors and shades of valentine flowers have come to mean differently. Choosing the correct Valentine flowers has become something of an art for even though any valentine flowers convey your love, the true valentine flowers can have greater worth, meaning and the expression of sophistication that every human wishes in a partner. To be precise, the correct color or shade of valentine flowers is certainly going to make better sense than just a simple bunch of unspecified valentine flowers.

Red valentine flowers are of course the most trendy and most common choice when one thinks of valentine flowers. Red valentine flowers are seen to suggest deep passion and may be the most widespread romantic gift shared across diverse cultures. Red valentine flowers speak the language of youthful love-struck couples. But, there are other shades of valentine flowers which speak of love with greater delicacy and no less fervor.

Pink valentine flowers are acknowledged as the choice of the intellectual elite. Pink valentine flowers stand for refinement and grace in contrast to the intense romance symbolized by red valentine flowers. While pink valentine flowers of a light shade convey reverence and understanding, valentine flowers with a deeper shade of pink express admiration and gratefulness.

Orange or yellow valentine flowers are also in huge demand for they have come to speak the language of love in their own way. Orange valentine flowers are considered to provide delicate meanings to your expression of love. Orange valentine flowers of a deeper shade are time-honored to symbolize the celebration of a beauty which is oblivious of itself, while valentine flowers with a lighter shade of orange declare longing and obsession for your beloved.

Similarly, valentine flowers of a yellow color represent happiness and cheer, and express an ecstatic spirit of love. Yellow valentine flowers say louder than words that you are exceedingly content in your relationship.

Among valentine flowers, the white valentine flowers have come to signify purity and innocence. White valentine flowers are also taken to state your veneration and humility and to respect pure and innocent love of youth.

So, valentine flowers are an indispensable part of your valentine day gift, but the color or shade of those valentine flowers can suggest messages that are worlds apart. Be sure of what you aim to put across before you pick up your bouquet of valentine flowers and send them to your valentine.

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