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When New Year’s Resolutions Help You to Accomplish Your Dreams


Author: Ruth Klein

You’ve already made your New Year’s resolutions, right? You promised yourself this year, you’d really do them, right? This age-old tradition rarely translates into reality because we postpone or outright ignore the promises we made our selves.

The Human Quirk Index, which studies human behavior at their think-tank, did a major study of individuals in sixteen countries about whether they kept their New Year’s Resolutions or not.

Of the 98.7 percent of respondents who said they made a New Year’s resolution, a follow-up survey three months later found that a paltry 3.1 percent had actually done anything to keep their resolutions.

These dim statistics doesn’t mean you won’t be able to keep your New Year’s resolutions. Just follow these guidelines:

5 Quick Tips to Make Your New Year’s Resolution Stick

1. Prioritize.

Write your resolutions down on paper, and re-write them each day at the top of your list of your priorities. Begin to eliminate behaviors that do not help you keep your resolutions. Repetition is the better part of valor, so encircle and repeat the steps that will keep you on the accomplishment track for y our New Year’s resolutions.

2. Organize.

Every morning, create a “to do” list that lists two, just two, actions that will help you keep your New Year’s resolutions. If you’re on a diet, write down one form of exercise and one new, low-calorie recipe. If you want to change careers, write down and follow two tasks such as calling a mentor and then reading an article about a new career path..

3. Delegate.

Delegate tasks that are not vital to meeting your New Year’s resolutions. If you want to exercise, think of how you can delegate tasks that keep you seated in front of a computer for a later time after you spend 20 minutes or 30 minutes power walking or running. Delegate away those bad habits such as watching too much television. You can stand up while returning phone calls and you can even do stretching exercises at the same time as you are talking on the phone.

4. Simplify.

Keep the New Year’s resolutions a high priority and don’t let the less important ones keep you from staying on track. When you’re planning your week, write your priorities down and encircle the ones that you know will accomplish your resolutions. For the others, find a way to erase them from your list or devote less time in your day to each task.

5. You can prioritize your life and make health and happiness your number one focus.

Integrate your New Year’s resolution into your overriding goal: to be healthy and happy. Visualize how much happier you will be, and how much more emotionally and physically healthy you will feel if you beat the odds and make your New Year’s resolutions stick!


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