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7 Worst New Years Resolutions

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Author: Mel Joelle

Every year around this time we all get bombarded with the same question, “What’s your New Years Resolution?” Why do we feel we have to wait for the new year to start working on these goals? Rather then telling you mine to save myself from being redundant, I’m going to list some of the worst and most used resolutions that I have heard through out my years.

1) To Lose Weight/Get in Shape: I would say this is by far the most common I have heard. If you haven’t lost the pounds yet, what makes you the day of January 1st is going to give you the courage and motivation to do it now. Stay optimistic, but next time let’s not wait for the new year.

2) To fall in Love: This one really says something about the person. It shows what they feel they are lacking, and how they have their values prioritized. It gives me a creepy vibe, if you are still lonely I don’t think the new year is going to change anything. It has to be something you change yourself

3) To Be More Involved in One’s Religion: This one shows that the person needs to renew their views and moral standards. For some reason they feel the need to reconnect with their faith. We all need guidance at times

4) To be a Millionaire by the end of the Year: This one is obviously not going to happen. I don’t like when people set monetary goals, it’s better to set a goal regarding success not measure by money, if it works out the money should come.

5) Quit Smoking- I hope the person can follow through on this one. To quit something seems effortless, you just have to not do something. I am not a smoker so I can’t fairly assess, but regardless we all hear this one all of the time

6) Spend More Time With Family / Friends: This one is usually for people who and workaholics and miss time with loved ones due to work.

7) Get Out of Debt: For those of us in debt, this is a good resolution. But it’s something that should have been in the works before.
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