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How to Have a Happy, Healthy Holiday Season

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Author: Colette Robicheau

Did you gain weight last holiday season? You are not alone. With so many corporate and social gatherings and events in such a short time, it is hard to resist indulging in the array of seasonal treats they bring. You are not even safe in your own home! The trick is to find a balance between enjoying yourself and maintaining healthy habits. So here are a few suggestions that will help you avoid unhealthy weight gain this year.

-Shift your attitude away from food – Remember that food is not the reason for get-togethers during the holiday season. It is something extra. Keep that in mind and focus on having fun. Spend time creating memories instead of scanning the buffet. Need to occupy yourself? Take on the role of photographer.

-Do not abstain – Why deny yourself your favorite meals before and during the holiday season? The key is moderation – watch your portions, plan lighter, more nutritional meals and keep up your exercise routine. Choose to have your favorites and pass on side dishes and trimmings you may feel you should have to fill your plate or complete the meal.

-Stock up on healthy choices – You probably like to buy a few treats for yourself and your guests over the holidays. Why not substitute some of all of those items with more nutritional options such as fruit, air popped popcorn, whole-grain products or peanut butter?

-Curb your appetite – Want to cut the calories you consume at a seasonal celebration? Plan a small healthy snack before you go. Regularly drinking water during the holidays is another great way to keep your appetite in check.

-Plan your event calendar – With so many events to choose from, and so much temptation, it is a good idea to take time and plan the events that you want to attend. Pace yourself! Set limits for yourself, don’t get over exhausted and make sure you are having regular meals.

-Know your limits – if there are foods that you find irresistible, set yourself limits. That way, you can enjoy them without overindulging. Familiarize yourself with what one serving consists of according to your diet plan or national health and nutrion standards.

-Buddy up – Chances are you have a friend or co-worker who is also watching what they eat. Why not pair up and look out for each other at your next event.

-Toast to your health – Alternate your alcoholic beverages and seasonal favorites such as eggnog with water and unsweetened drinks. Not only will you cut calories, you’ll also avoid the holiday hangover.

-Eat your greens – Look for the veggie tray, a mainstay of any holiday party. Be careful, most veggie and fruit trays come with high fat dips. Opt for hummus or low fat dressings if available. For potlucks, plan a nutritious, low calorie dish, like a fruit tray or shrimp ring.

-Stay active – It is not easy with all of the festivities, but make time for fitness. It not only burns calories, it helps melt away seasonal stress. Consider walking to events, where possible, and arranging a drive home with a friend or by taxi.

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About the Author: Colette Robicheau, President of Organize Anything, is a consultant and coach with an extensive background in professional organizing, project management and business development. Formally educated in the field of public relations with talents in creative services and event organization, she now directs her abilities and organizing skills to offer corporate, residential and personal organizing services. She has an attraction to the aesthetics of art and design and her management consulting and entrepreneurial spirit have given her a no-nonsense approach to project completion with the ability to deliver on budget and on schedule.


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