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Self Improvement – Give Up the Struggle and Embrace What is Now

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Author: Hank Daly

We often live life as a journey to an ending, from here to there. There is a place in the future we have to get to. A place of achievements and improvements. Do we need to make the journey or are we already at the destination?

We can be so taken with the goals we feel we need to achieve and ambitions we strive for that we can miss the great perfection of the way things are right now.

Always on the move towards a goal, never just resting in the way things are. We can get so busy trying to change things for the better that we cannot see that if we just relax into the presence of the thing that we need to change, be it an emotion, a sensation or a thought, there is no need to improve it. It is just fine the way it is and can be appreciated and celebrated for being exactly the way it is. If we approach something we feel needs to be changed with a non judgmental and non critical mind we will see improvement is unnecessary.

If we can be willing to stop controlling and manipulating, we can live now instead of then. If we take the ‘self’ for example. We can strive for self improvement with an ultimate goal. Thinking the end result will bring more happiness or contentment with ourselves. Save all the struggle and effort by not judging your self. You will find you are already at your destination. It’s now or never!

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