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If Life is a Journey!

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Author: Susan

If life is a journey!
If life is a journey, how do you plan to start and end your journey, daily?
Most of us before we start any journey we prepare ourselves and make sure we have all the necessary things we need, to have a safe and enjoyable journey. Surprisingly most of us do not take our life journey; seriously, we go through the routines of life with out paying too much attention to what happens around or even inside us.
This approach to life often makes us not to notice many blessings and changes that are happening in our lives and therefore not be as thankful as we should be.
Just as we are never sure what to expect when we travel for example, accidents, loss languages etc so is our life journey we never know what to expect but never the less we ought to plan it.
The benefits of planning our life journey daily are;

We are able to know if we have achieved what we wanted to achieve and learn lessons from obstacles we encounter daily;
To know our limitations as human beings and therefore learn to appreciate the Super Natural Power that enables us to do what we are not able to do.

Pay attention on how we deal with our fellow beings that travel same journey we do and therefore live life that is meaningful not only to us but also to those around us.

I wish you a safe and enjoyable journey.
By Susan

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/meditation-articles/if-life-is-a-journey-585762.html

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