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How to deal with arthritis at your workplace?

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Author: John Scott

The safety of workplace has become the major priority for many companies, as more and more employers strive to assure their workers with safe and healthy conditions for working. Taking it from the employer’s point of view, ahving a healthy and active worker is not only good for productibity, but also saves a lot of time and money on dealing with injuries that will ultimately be the company’s responsability. One of the most widespread problems that people deal with while at work is back pain. And while there are measures taken for preventing this problem, it is estimated that about 80% of people suffer from back pain at a certain point during their work hours. Sure, the technological advancements have made a revolution in the tough physical work, but in reality the most common cause for back pain is actually seated desk work that is not ergonomically efficient. Anyone who has ever experienced problems with back pain can confirm how hard it can be, rendering any simply activity nearly impossible. So it’s really important to have something right at the work place that would help eliminate such problems. However, with the best intentions for improvement, most employers will limit their efforts to providing an adjustable seat, and argonomic keyboard or a better monitor. Moreover, it is estinmated that millions of people suffer from arthritis and other joint conditions, being the second biggest problem and cause for being absent from work. Of course, the risk of developing athritis ranges from occupation and occupation, and such high demand professionals such as construnction and asembly line are quite prone to suffering from this joint condition. The good news is that the medical science doesn’t stand without progress and gives new ailments that can be a good alternative to medications such as Ultram to ease the pressure of joint condition at the workplace. One of such options is the TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) pain relief unit, which is an inexpensive electrical device that provides electric stimulation for relieving mild pain associated with arthritis, back pain, injuries and other work-related conditions. It is a portable device that doesn;t need any installation or special conditions. Having such a device in your office doesn’t take much space, however it can be a good alternative ot Ultram or other painkiller medications that your workers will use for relieving pain at work. The unit works by sending electrical charges to the affected area and stimulating the production of endorphins in the brain, which are natural pain relievers that don;t have the addictive side effects of synthetic painkillers such as Ultram or Tramadol. It doesn’t require much time and can be used periodically for chronic conditions, without the risk of over-treatment. So if you are an employer you should definitely get TENS unit at your office, your workers will definitely appreciate this gesture and you will be able to address most pain related issue without needing a doctor. If you are an employee and suffer from pain periodically, you should suggest buying this unit to your management.

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