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Improving Life – How To Improve Life Quality Consciously

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Author: Abhishek Agarwal

This journey called “Life” is synonymous with roads, long and short, smooth and rocky, straight and crooked, some leading to happiness, some to sadness, some lead to a pleasant pasture of fame and fortune, whereas some lead to an abyss of isolation and poverty.  Then there are also corners, shortcuts, detours and most importantly, crossroads.

At the crossroads, you have to make a conscious choice.  Which direction will you take?  There are four choices.  Can you guarantee the right choice?  Or would you rather remain at the spot facing the crossroads?  In life’s crossroads, guarantees do not exist.  You are never sure that you are making the right choice.  You will come to realize where a road leads only when you take that road.  This is one thing you have to realize.  Has anybody confirmed that choosing the right ways all the time always guarantees happiness?  What if you love somebody very deeply and the love is not reciprocated?  You may gain fortune and fame but will that guarantee your happiness? If your high qualifications and competence deserve an advancement up the ladder of career, Would you be really happy to accept a recommendation of that influential superior of yours to cut short the rungs of the ladder?  There is no control over the possible outcomes.  You have control only on your own decisions, actions and reactions to the various situations.

You can say you have made the right decision only when a consequence of that decision has turned out beneficial for you.  So a decision becomes right or wrong only in retrospect.  If you were to know that this particular course of action would lead to loss, would you have opted for that course of action?  No. So in every decision there is a risk involved.  But should that stop you from taking a decision?  Life does not offer a guarantee so you have to go ahead and decide anyway.  It is better to take a chance rather than stop at the crossroads.  Who knows, may be one wrong turn would make you lose track but there could a lurking opportunity at another corner.  It can turn into an adventure and open more roads for you.  It all depends on your perspective.

In life’s myriad by lanes, you could end up as an accidental tourist or a lost traveler. But you can’t avoid traveling.  You can’t avoid making decisions.  But as long as you take basic precautions you can look forward to positive experiences in life.  Always base your decisions on as much information as is available in your situation.  Taking risks does not mean being stupid and careless.  Follow the 5 W’s of news reports.  Ask yourself why, then where, then what, followed by who and when.  Why do you find yourself in a particular situation?  Where is it going to lead you?  What can you do about it?  Who will it involve and when did it happen?  The more answers you seek to these questions, the easier it will be for you to find the right course of action.  Lack of information causes indecision in your mind.

Then you must identify the options you have.  The options may be few, sometimes plenty and yet at other times, none at all. If you don’t have options, you can surely create your own.  Put the creativity of your mind to work.  Explore all the simple as well as complicated ideas that come to mind.   Sometimes, even the most impossible ideas say “I (a) m Possible”.  You could get a friend to chalk out your options if you have any difficulty, but do make your decision yourself.

Weigh each option with its advantages or disadvantages in the balance of your mind.  This is sure to give you a deeper insight into the consequences of every option. Then you can be sure you have done your best in the circumstances and trust yourself to make the right decision.  Believe in your own self.  ‘No guarantees’ tag comes all too often in life and you can only do your best.

Mentally prepare yourself to face the consequences of your decision.  It may lead you to a land full of promise or a land full of problems.  But take heart.  Take pride in the fact that you did make a conscious choice instead of taking a passive attitude of a bystander in your own life.  Time alone will prove you right or otherwise.  Then if unfortunately your decision is proven wrong in retrospect, learn from it.  You will have plenty of chances to make right decisions in future life.

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