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Finding Sinus Headache Relief — What you Can Do


Author: Richard Romando

If you suffer from sinus headaches, then you will absolutely want to take these sinus headache relief tips into serious consideration. These sinus headache relief tips will not only relieve you but might also cancel your appointment with the doctor!

Sinus Headache Relief Tips

The foremost tip for sinus headache relief tip is to use a cold cloth or compress on your head. Dip a small towel in cold water, rinse, and then apply it to your forehead. Once the towel starts to get warm you need to flip it over and place it back on your forehead, then rinse it in cold water again when that side gets warm too.

Another great idea is to have a peppermint steam. This option provides incredibly fast relief for sinus headaches. This is because peppermint itself acts as a decongestant. A combination then of warm steam and the essential oil is highly effective in regards to being able to open up and relieve the sinuses.

The decongestants are used to reduce inflammation and to relieve sinus symptoms. It should be noted that the nasal sprays promote dependency and rebound congestion, which means that the congestion may worsen the spray is used regularly. The decongestants can even cause constriction of blood vessels and, therefore should not be used without consulting the doctor.

There an umpteen option that could relive you from the sinus infection. The need is to identify and adopt a treatment that suits you and relieve your sinus headaches. Always remember that if you are suffering from frequent sinus headaches, there is more than likely something more major that is going on with you, and so the only real treatment is to treat the underlying condition, a doctor should invariably be consulted in such situations.

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3 thoughts on “Finding Sinus Headache Relief — What you Can Do

  1. Aaaaaaaaahhhh!!!! thats only temporary relief read this recent research regarding sinusitis:
    Researchers at Johns Hopkins have evidence that curbed activity from several key chemicals on the inner lining of the nose are linked to chronic sinusitis that fails to respond to the usual current treatments.

    Inside the nose, researchers say, toll-like receptor proteins (TLRs) detect invading bacteria and other pathogens in the air by attaching to their trace byproducts. Once a threat is identified, the receptors stimulate the epithelial cells to produce antibiotic proteins, such as HBD2 and MBL, to fight the invading organisms. This innate response helps prevent airborne bacteria or fungi from settling in the nose and sinus cavities, causing infection.

  2. I have try this one it was safe but you need to be patient and its a little bit inconvenient.

    Another natural way to cure sinusitis is to get some saline drops and put a few of these drops in the nostrils, the position of the head should kept rested all the way back in a chair. And you are advised to hold that position for a few minutes. And if you really are suffering from prolonged sinus problems and do not find significant sinus relief even after following the above remedial measure, you should repeat it again before you sleep, do it for 7 days.

  3. Allergy and sinus relief isn’t really all that much of a costly issue. You may find more things to help you to alleviate your allergy problems than you ever thought possible. So keep in mind that knowing the right product to use is the key to having control over your allergic reactions. Try NETI– That is nasal irrigation technique The saline solution irrigation promotes good nasal health, and patients with chronic sinusitis including symptoms of facial pain, headache, halitosis, cough, anterior rhinorrhea (watery discharge) and nasal congestion often find nasal irrigation to provide effective relief. In published studies, “daily hypertonic saline nasal irrigation improves sinus-related quality of life, decreases symptoms, and decreases medication use in patients with frequent sinusitis”,
    you can read more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nasal_irrigation

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