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Which precautions can your company take against the new influenza (H1N1)?

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Author: Frederik Van Lierde

Expected outbreak of the Mexican flue is foreseen the second half of this year (2009).Several countries started a task force to help companies to be ready. Absenteeism will be much higher than normal and can lead to losses going into the billions. This article is not a reason to panic, only a call for prevention. The good news is that the ‘Mexican flue’, now called New influenza (H1N1) in most of the cases isn’t deathly and everyone born before 1957 looks immune for the H1N1 virus.The less good news is the fact that the average number of days of absenteeism is 7. This can have an influence on your business and the other employees as they have to take over the tasks of the ill colleagues. The best precautions are personal hygiene.  Wash your hands with soap after visiting the man/ladies room  Hand in front of your mouth when you cough and again washing your hands with soap.  Is your company ready to let people work from home, or do you have a plan to backup employees caught by the H1N1 virus?  Is someone in your company, our you responsible for following up the latest news concerning H1N1. (Checking the internet about 5 minutes is more than enough)  When an employee shows some symptoms of the H1N1 virus, let them go home and rest immediately, call a doctor to do a check up at his/her home. This reduces the risk of contamination of other people/employees   These 5 steps can easily promoted by posting posters in your company and to distribute Hand Sanitizers and Antibacterial Soaps.See also at the end of the article to link to several sources on the internet to follow up the situation. Conclusion:The H1N1 virus will have an impact on the businesses when it breaks out., but if you are ready and put some prevention in place, your company will be ready against it. As we always say: Forwarned, forearmed. Extra links about N1H can be found on http://frederikvanlierde.wordpress.com/2009/07/14/which-precautions-can-your-company-take-against-the-new-influenza-h1n1/

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/corporate-articles/which-precautions-can-your-company-take-against-the-new-influenza-h1n1-1040228.html

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