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Author: Jeff Boo

Are you afraid of change and trying out new things? If you are, do you know why? Is there any past bad experience you had which deter you from taking up challenges and missing out all those rare golden opportunities? Well, if you just too afraid of taking that first step, you should just need to take some time to digest the idea that all things happen to you with a purpose. By allowing yourself to be overcast by the shadow of your past failures will only deny you from achieving what you should deserve in this life. Treat all negative past experiences as your self improvement lessons so that you will become wiser when coming to your next attempt to achieve your dream.

So what does self improvement going to do with achieving your dream? Well, to be successful in life, you need to have what it takes. And with that, I mean you must have those great personalities in you to walk through the uneven path towards your dream. Hence, self improvement is one essential quality you must have to develop those great personalities in you.

1. Self-esteem

You need to develop high self esteem in thyself in order to believe in yourself. Past failures are simply some great lessons learnt and you should be moving on with your adventures. You can only expect others to have the confidence in you only when you have the self-confidence in yourself.

2. Be Positive

How can someone with a negative mindset be successful in his endeavors? Yes, you may still be successful with a negative mindset but you need a lot, and I mean a lot, of luck. Stay positive in facing all challenges in life and believe in yourself that you can do it if you want to. Everyone has problems and this is a fact. The only difference is how you view them and how you are going to deal with them. A person who sees problems positively is actually having a higher chance to solve his or her problem more easily as he or she doesn’t waste the precious time in worrying and complaining.

3. Self-motivation

With great positive mindset, you should develop that self-motivation in you so that your energy will not run out. Are you waking up every morning feeling excited and can’t wait to start your day? Or are you someone who has to force yourself up and drag yourself to work? Yes, that is one difference between a person with self-motivation and a person without any. When you have the motivation, you will develop that passion in you to get you job done. You will not be focusing on the tons of “work” waiting for you to complete, but you will be concentrating on the end results that you will bring about.

4. Goal Setting

If you have a dream, set your goal to achieve it. With all the enthusiasm in you but without a goal, you will only end up hitting against a wall. Set your goal very clearly and set the time as in when you are going to achieve it, then you are all well prepared to set out the journey to achieving your dream.

It takes you some effort, time and great self improvement personalities to achieve your dream. Don’t ever hope that you may one day be attaining overnight success. It will only happen if you are talking about lottery but I suppose we shouldn’t define that as being successful. There are indeed many areas where self improvement is concern and I cannot be possibly mentioning each and every one of them here or this article will become a book. So, start today to explore through the world of self improvement so as to increase your speed towards achieve your dream in life.

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